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Chapter 7: Doing Is Going to Be Your Undoing

I often experience that to relax and to trust existence is good. On the other hand, there is also a pressure to be responsible for everything in my life. Then I start brooding about decisions I need to make. I feel unable to unite “sitting silently the grass grows by itself” with “going for it.” Can you comment?

Please, don’t go for it. You may destroy the grass that was growing by itself. If you cannot sit silently and watch, go somewhere else, but not for it!

You say, “How to combine both?” That is impossible. Letting the grass grow by itself and going for it? You want to combine both together? Man, you must be greedy. But man, you are asking for the impossible - greed always asks for the impossible. Hence the greedy man always lives like a beggar and dies like a beggar. And I want you to be emperors, because that is your potential.

You have not understood what I have been saying to you. You have not become non-serious about life. Life is very non-serious, a beautiful song without any meaning, a colorful sunset without any meaning. The sky full of stars has no purposes.

The trouble arises in you because you are serious. You want the grass to grow. In fact, you want it almost like instant coffee. Now, this is asking too much from the poor grass. The grass grows by itself, in its own way, slowly. There is no hurry, the whole eternity is there. The grass can go on growing for the whole eternity. What is the hurry? But you are in a hurry.

And what do you mean by “going for it”? Will you start pulling it up so that it grows faster? You will destroy the whole game. Millions of people in the world have destroyed the whole game of life. Never do that! Pulling the grass upwards you will take its roots out of the earth. What will be left in your hand will not be something living, but something dead.

Learn to wait. Be patient!

And why should you think yourself responsible? To think yourself responsible for doing some things - for example, for grass growing faster, quicker, with jet-speed - how do you manage to be responsible for such idiotic things?

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