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Chapter 10: The Original Signature

I teach you totality. Be total - whatsoever you are doing. If you love, love totally. If you are angry, then be totally in anger. Cold anger is a sin! Hot anger is perfectly human. Cold anger has to be avoided. But that’s what happens when you have the ideal, the perfect ideal of not being angry - that’s what happens. Anger is there because you have never been able to understand it. How can you understand it if you have never been totally angry?

Only in a total flame of anger does one understand, does one encounter it. So you go on repressing. On the surface you keep a mask that you are not angry, deep inside you go on boiling, ready to explode like a volcano. So what will you do? You will have to learn how to remain cold on the surface, ice-cold. And if you are ice-cold on the surface, you will go on doing things which are angry - only you will not show your anger. And in a hot anger there is something beautiful - it is a man in his energy, in his radiance. In a cold anger there is only death. If somebody gets angry and hits you, you can forgive him; but if somebody remains perfectly cold and hits you, you will be never able to forgive him.

That’s why a distinction is made even in the courts. If a man became too angry, enraged, and murdered somebody, his crime is not that big. But if a man remained cold, calculating, arranged everything perfectly, and did the whole thing in a mathematical way, planned it in detail beforehand, then he is the most dangerous man. It was not on the spur of the moment, it was a planned thing. For months he calculated when to commit the murder, how to commit the murder, how to commit it perfectly so he would not be caught. All over the world courts make a difference - this man is really dangerous, this man is really a criminal.

Sometimes you do something in the spur of the moment. You were not really trying to kill the other; it may have happened just accidentally - yes, you became angry. Remember, I am not teaching anger, I am simply teaching totality. Through totality anger disappears, but you never become perfect, you always remain growing. Remain growing.

You ask me, “Is there anybody in the world who is perfect?” I am reminded of this small story.

At a revival meeting the evangelist exclaimed, “Who is the most perfect man? Is there such a being? If anybody has ever seen the perfect man, let him stand now.”

A small nervous man rose in the rear of the hall. The evangelist gazed at him in astonishment. “Do you mean to say, sir, that you know who the perfect man is?”

“I certainly do!”

“Who may he be?”

“My wife’s first husband!”

That is the only way to find a perfect man - your wife’s first husband.

The perfect man is brought in only to condemn somebody - hence your wife’s first husband. She wants to condemn you, so she creates an image of her first husband as the perfect man. Then in comparison she can condemn you.

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