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Chapter 36: Session 36

If some day I have to go into the psychoanalysis of Socrates, then I may uncover things which no one else would even think to uncover. But the male chauvinist says God created man, and just because man was alone, and needed company, God created Eve.

This is not the original story. The original woman’s name was not Eve, her name was Lilith. God created Lilith, but Lilith created, from the very first moment, the problem.

It started like this: Night was coming on, the sun was setting, and they had only one bed, this was the problem. They were not as fortunate as me in having Asheesh, otherwise he would have prepared - even though he may have been suffering from a migraine - still he would have created a perfect bed. But Asheesh was not there, in fact no other human being was there..

My watch has stopped, and just the other day I was talking about it, and it stopped. You know watches are temperamental. It stopped exactly at that same moment. And I was talking about another watch, a metaphorical watch, but who is going to explain to this watch that I was not talking about her? During the night I tell her many times again and again, “Listen, you need not stop. I was not talking about you - you are such a beautiful watch.” but she won’t listen.

What was I saying?

“You were talking about Eve not having a bed.or Lilith not having a bed, Osho.”

Yes. The fight started even before going to bed. Lilith was certainly the originator of the Woman’s Liberation Movement, whether they know it or not. She fought. She threw Adam out of bed. What a great woman! Adam tried again and again to throw her out, but what was the point? Even if he succeeded, she was back again, throwing him out.

She said, “Only one can sleep in this bed. It is not meant for two.” Of course it was not made for two by God; it was not a double bed.

They fought the whole night, and in the morning Adam said to God, “I was perfectly happy.” although he was not, but the whole night’s unhappiness had helped him to see his past as very happy. He said, “I was so happy before this woman came.”

And Lilith said, “I was also happy. I don’t want to exist.” She must have been the originator of many things. Perhaps she was the first real Zen patriarch, because she said, “I don’t want to exist. One night is enough for one life, because I know it is going to be almost the same every night, again and again. And even if you give me a double bed, what difference does it make? We are still going to fight because the question is, ‘Who is the master?’ I cannot allow this brute to be my master.”

God said, “Okay.” In those days - and they were the days just at the very beginning; in fact it was the first day after the creation. It must have been a Sunday, according to the Christians. God must have been in a Sunday mood, because he said, “Okay, I will make you disappear.” Lilith disappeared, and then God created Eve from Adam’s rib.

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