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Chapter 17: Existence Has No Hurry

But my own experience is that wherever anybody has become enlightened there are certain vibrations still. Thousands of years may have passed but those vibrations are still there - in the trees, in the earth, in the mountains. You can still feel some strange kind of presence. The man is not there, the singer may have died, but his record is still there and you can hear the voice again.

So be watchful of whatever happens to your body. As you are becoming more alert and more aware you will feel more loving toward your body, more compassionate toward your body; you will feel more close, more intimate, a kind of new friendship arising. Up to now you have simply used it. You have never said even a thank you to your body - and it has been serving you in every possible way.

It is a good experience. Let it become more intense and help it. The only way to help is to become more alert.

From your talks I understand that there is some kind of evolutionary process that happens. But I have also heard you say that man has not evolved at all. Where are all the seekers who died enlightened?

Man as a collectivity has not evolved, and whatever little bit of humanity has happened to the collective mass is because of those few seekers who became enlightened. But you should understand the proportion. It is as if you are dropping a spoonful of sugar in the ocean to make it sweet; it is not going to do much to the ocean. The ocean is too vast. And a spoonful of sugar was perfectly good for a cup of tea, but it is not good for the ocean.

An enlightened man is a cup of tea. Even his group - those who become attuned with him - are still so small that they cannot make much change to the collective mass, to its vast darkness, unconsciousness.

Through thousands of years so many people have become enlightened that you can see a little bit of a change in humanity. But the credit does not go to man - that’s why I say man has not evolved. The credit goes to those few enlightened people. They simply disperse their consciousness in this ocean - but they could not make it sweet - a little effect, but so small that it is negligible. And the credit goes to those few people who lived and died to help humanity, and the same humanity for whom they lived, kills them, crucifies them. It could not do otherwise, its darkness is such.

Some slight changes can be traced, but they are so slight that they are not worth mentioning. For example, they could crucify Jesus without any feeling of guilt. In fact they felt relieved that this nuisance is finished. He was becoming more and more a torture to their tradition, to their orthodox mind. They felt light.

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