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Chapter 11: Chuang Tzu’s Funeral

All meditation is waiting. All prayerfulness is infinite patience. The whole of religion consists of not allowing the mind to create more problems for you. Every simple thing which even animals enjoy, which even trees enjoy, man cannot enjoy - because immediately it becomes a problem and how can you enjoy a problem?

You fall in love, and the mind immediately says: “What is love? Is this love or sex? Is this true or false? Where are you going? Can love be eternal or is it just momentary?” First decide everything, then take the step. But with the mind there is never any decision, it remains indecisive; indecision is its inherent nature. It says, “Don’t take the jump.” And when mind tells you these things, it seems very clever, it seems very intelligent, because you may go wrong. So don’t take the jump, don’t move, remain static.

But life is movement and life is trust. Love happens - one has to move into it. Where it leads is not the point. The goal is not the point. The very movement of your consciousness in love is a revelation. The other is not the point; the beloved or the lover is not the point. The point is that you can love, that it could happen to you; that your being opens in trust, without any doubt, without any questioning. This very opening is a fulfillment.

But the mind will say, “Wait, let me think and decide; one should not take any step in haste.” Then you can wait and wait. That’s how you have been missing life.

Every moment life knocks at your door, but you are thinking. You say to life, “Wait, I will open the door, but let me first decide.” It never happens. Your whole life will come and go, and you will be simply dragging, neither alive nor dead, and both are good because death has a life of its own.

So remember, the first thing: don’t allow the mind to interfere. Then you can be like trees, even greener. Then you can be like birds on the wing, and no bird can reach to heights which you can touch. Then you can be like fish which go to the very bottom of the sea - you can go to the very bottom of the ocean. Nothing is comparable to you. Human consciousness is the most evolved phenomenon, but you are missing. Even less evolved states are enjoying more. A bird is a bird, a very much less evolved being than you; a tree is almost not evolved at all, but enjoying more, flowering more. More fulfillment is happening all around it. Why are you missing?

Your mind has become a burden. You have not been using it; rather, on the contrary, you are being used by it. Don’t allow the mind to interfere with your life, then there will be a flow. Then you are unobstructed, then you are transparent, then each moment is bliss because you are not worried about it.

A man was advised by his psychoanalyst to go to the hills. He was always complaining and complaining about this and that, asking about this and that. He was never at ease with anything, never at home. He was advised to go for a rest.

The next day a telegram arrived for the psychoanalyst. In it the man said, “I am feeling very happy here. Why?”

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