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Chapter 5: Existence Loves Imperfection

You are saying, “Since then there has been a giggling fellow walking around in his old clothes, looking for his house, using my name. Shall I let him share our secret?” Everything has to be shared. There should be no secret.

To have a secret is to have a wound.

One should live without any secrets. One should live without hiding anything. One should open one’s heart to the wind, to the sun, to the rain. One should not ask whether the person deserves it or not. It is none of your business. If existence accepts that person, gives him life, what more can you give? If existence allows him, then who are you to prevent him from knowing something?

I am reminded of an ancient Tibetan parable:

Deep in the Himalayas there used to live a very old sage. Only one thing was known about him: he never shared any secret, any experience with anybody. He never allowed anybody to become a disciple to him, for the simple reason that if you accept somebody as a disciple, then you have to tell him your inner secrets. He never allowed anybody to be close enough to know his hidden treasures.

People came from faraway places - because it is part of the strangeness of the human mind that the more a thing is unapproachable, the more people become obsessed with it. It was rumored all over the place that that old sage must have a great secret - that’s why he does not even allow initiation to anybody as a disciple.

People asked him, touched his feet, cried before him, “Accept us as disciples and we are ready to do anything - whatever you say.” But he always rejected. He seemed to be absolutely without any compassion.

There was just one young boy who used to cook food for him, bring things from the village nearby. When the day of his death came, he called the boy and said, “Go into the village and tell everybody that whoever wants to become my disciple should come immediately.”

The boy said, “Whoever? But you always said, ‘Unless somebody is worthy to receive, deserves to receive my secret, I am not going to give it to anybody.’ What happened? You have changed your mind completely.”

The old man said, “Don’t waste time! Just rush to the village, and whoever is available, tell them ‘The master is ready to accept you as disciples.’”

The boy could not believe it. Shaking his head because this seems to be so absurd.his whole life he denied, and now he is saying, “Any XYZ will do. You just bring them.” He went, but he was thinking in his mind: Has he gone senile, has he gone mad? Something is certainly wrong, but if he says it, then there is no other way.

So he went into the village and he declared to the villagers in the marketplace, “Anybody who wants to be a disciple.the sage is ready. You come with me.”

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