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Chapter 2: Neither Mine nor Yours

This meditation will be of forty minutes. Keep your eyes and ears completely closed so that no light nor sound can enter. For the first ten minutes take deep breaths. Exert yourself to the full, so that all the energy of the kundalini may be roused. If your body begins to dance and spin and jump, let it do so. Don’t worry about it at all. For the next ten minutes, with great joy within, relax your body completely. Your body will want to jump, dance, laugh, shout, cry, sing. Allow it to do whatever it wants; cooperate with it completely and fully. During the third ten minutes, continue cooperating with your body and at the same time keep asking yourself, “Who am I?” Keep asking, “Who am I?” as though you are chanting a mantra. Do this with pleasure, with joy. Then, during the fourth ten minutes, some of you will want to stand up, some will want to lie down, and others will want to roll around. Do whatsoever you like! Finally, during the last ten minutes, remain in silence, awaiting the entry of existence within. Keep yourself completely relaxed and without any resistance so that it can enter you. You will have to wait for that.

Before we start our experiment, put your hands together, and before existence make a solemn vow. Close your eyes, put your hands together, think of existence as your witness, and repeat this vow three times: “In the presence of existence, I vow that I shall exert myself to the utmost in meditation.”