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Chapter 4: The Mystery of the Knack

But gratitude can be transformed into gratefulness. Gratefulness has nothing to do with quantity; it is a quality. You are simply grateful - not only to the master, because the idea of being grateful only to the master is again a hangover of your old ideas of monopoly. The master is to free you; the master is to destroy all limits that confine you, imprison you.

If you are grateful, you are grateful to the earth, you are grateful to the sky, you are grateful to the stars, you are grateful to the ocean, you are grateful to the whole of existence.

This is the only way not to feel burdened.

Gratitude is transformed from matter into energy. Matter is like stone - heavy and hard. The moment it is transformed into quality, it becomes just an energy, a radiant energy. And energy can never be kept confined - its life is in the flow from one end of eternity to the other end; this whole universe is its space.

A single man can fill the whole universe with his gratefulness, with his lovingness, with his friendliness, and there will be no burden on him. In fact, the greater the transformation from quantity to quality, the lighter you will feel. A moment comes when you have transformed all that is material in you. In the immaterial you are freed of weight - then gravitation does not work on you.

Then you have wings and the whole sky is yours. And there are skies beyond skies, and they are all yours.

Love for the master, gratitude to the master should bring freedom to you.

And that is possible only if you start changing nouns into verbs. Existence really consists of verbs.

Nouns are fictions created by man.

In existence, there is nothing which is a noun. You say this is a tree, but have you ever thought? - while you are saying this is a tree, the tree is bringing new leaves, old leaves are falling; new flowers are blossoming, old flowers are disappearing. It is not a dead thing; hence, it cannot be a noun. It is a living entity, it is changing constantly.

The word tree gives a false idea, as if there is something unchanging. It will be better to call it a treeing - because the tree is continuously moving. The river is rivering - it is a movement, it is not stale, it is not dead. In other words, the existence does not consist of dead matter, it consists of living energy.

There is nothing permanent except change. If you can, with awareness, change your burdens into wings, your treasures into fragrances, you will be unburdened and the whole of existence will be more beautiful, will be more graceful, will be more blissful and a benediction to you. It will go on showering flowers on you. You have fulfilled your destiny - the whole existence rejoices.

There are beautiful stories.I will call them stories because there is no way to prove that they are facts. I would love to think of them as facts.

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