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Chapter 6: Sannyas Is for Lions

And the ironical thing is that if you efface yourself, the ego will remain. Now it will become a very subtle ego, so subtle that it will be almost impossible to detect it. Now it will claim humbleness, nobodiness, humility. But the claim will persist. It will say, “Look, I have effaced myself. I am no more.”

But when you say, “I am no more” you are - otherwise who is saying, “I am no more?”

A so-called saint was once asked, “Are you God?”

He said, “No” - but immediately he added, “The sun rises in the morning, but it does not declare ‘I am the sun.’”

In a vicarious way he is saying, “I am God. But I am like the sun which rises every morning but does not declare ‘I am God.’”

I told the man who had related the incident to me, “Go back to that so-called saint, and tell him that the sun does not say, ‘I am not the sun’ either.” The sun does not say, “I am the sun” or “I am not the sun” - not because the sun is enlightened, but simply because it cannot speak! If it could speak, it would have declared it in a thousand and one ways. In fact it is declaring in a thousand and one ways, “I am here!” It is declaring it in the flowers, in the birds; it is declaring all over, “I am here!”

Once Krishnamurti was asked, “Why do you go on talking?”

He said, “This is simply my nature, to talk.” He said, “I talk in the same way as the flower releases its fragrance.”

The flower cannot talk, it has its own language: the fragrance is its language. The sun cannot talk, but the light that radiates from it is its way of communicating the fact: “I am here, I have arrived.”

In Japan there is a saying, “Flowers don’t talk.” That saying is utterly wrong - they talk. Of course they speak their own language. The Tibetan speaks his language; will you say that he does not talk? The Chinese speaks his own language; will you say he does not talk? Just because you cannot understand, will you say he is not talking? The Chinese has his own language, so does the sun, so do the flowers, so do the animals, the birds, the rocks. In millions of languages the whole world asserts itself.

But the humble person starts saying, “I am not. I am not an ego, I have effaced myself.” But who is saying these things? The person who has emptied himself will not say such things. He will say, “I am, and I am for the first time. But now in my I-am-ness ‘I’ is only linguistic, a way of saying it. Existentially, there is only am-ness.”

And let this be the criterion for whether you are emptying yourself or effacing yourself. If you are emptying yourself you will become more and more blissful, because you will become more and more spacious. You will become more and more available to existence and to the celebration of existence. You will become open to existence and all its joys and all its blessings.

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