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Chapter 2: A Small Candle Is Enough

This whole existence has to be befriended, and if you can befriend existence, existence will befriend you a thousandfold. It returns to you in the same coin but multiplied. It echoes you. If you throw stones at existence you will be getting back many more stones. If you throw flowers, flowers will be coming back.

Life is a mirror, it reflects your face. Be friendly, and all of life will reflect friendliness. People know perfectly well that if you are friendly to a dog even the dog becomes friendly to you, so friendly. And there are people who have known that if you are friendly to a tree, the tree becomes friendly to you.

Try great experiments in friendships. Try with a rosebush, and see the miracle: slowly, slowly, it will happen, because man has not been behaving with trees in a friendly way; hence they have become very afraid.

But now scientists say that when you come with an axe to cut down a tree, even before you have started cutting it, the tree goes into a shiver, a cold shiver. It goes into a great fear, panic even before you have started, as if the tree becomes aware of your intention. Now they have sophisticated instruments just like cardiographs, which can make graphs on paper showing what the tree is feeling. When the tree is feeling joyous, there is a rhythm in the graph; when the tree is feeling afraid, the fear is shown on the graph. When the tree sees the friend coming it rejoices, it jumps, it dances; the graph immediately shows a dance. When the tree sees the gardener coming, the dance disappears.

Have you ever said hello to a tree? Try it, and one day you will be surprised: the tree also says hello in her tongue, in her own language. Hug a tree, and a day will come soon when you will feel that it was not only you who were hugging the tree, the tree was responding. You were also hugged by the tree although the tree has no hands; it has its own way of expressing its joy, its sadness, its anger, its fear.

The whole existence is sensitive. That’s what I mean when I say that existence is God.

Be friendly and don’t be worried whether anybody is friendly towards you or not - that is a businesslike question. Why be worried? Why not transform the whole existence into a friend towards you? Why miss such a great kingdom?

The last question:

Why are thousands of people from all over the world coming to you?

It is a very difficult question for me to answer. How can I answer on behalf of thousands of people who are coming to me? They have different reasons.