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Chapter 8: You’re Not Plugged In

Questions mean that you have some kind of tension, some kind of not-at-easeness. Some trouble is there that brings the question. Something is haunting you and you are incapable of figuring it out.

But when your whole being is full of light and all darkness has disappeared, you are so in tune with existence that even to say you are in tune with existence is not right. It will be right to say that you are one with existence. Or this will be even better to say: you are existence. All separation has disappeared.

There is no questioner.

There is no quest.

You have arrived home.

In that state there is understanding but there is nothing to understand. This is the strange situation of man. When he wants to understand, he cannot. When he is capable of understanding, there is nothing to understand.

The newlyweds walk up to the hotel desk and ask for a suite.

“Bridal?” asks the clerk, noticing the ‘Just Married’ signs on their luggage.

The young bride blushes and says, “No thanks, I will hold his shoulders until I get used to it.”

This is misunderstanding.

Old man Finkelstein was brought to court on charges of sexually molesting a teenage girl.

The judge dismissed the case because the evidence would not stand up in court.

Mendel Kravitz returns home one day to find a stranger on top of his naked wife, with his head resting between her ample breasts.

“Hey!” yells Mendel. “Just what are you doing?”

“Why, er, I’m listening to music,” replies the stranger.

Mendel puts his head beside the stranger’s head and declares, “I don’t hear any music.”

“Of course you don’t,” replies the stranger. “You’re not plugged in!”

Finally it has hit me too!
Sex and relationship have dropped me. Just when I felt that I was in the juiciest relationship, enjoying sex like never before, suddenly I couldn’t stand it anymore. All the longing for the other, for sex and intimacy, has gone. I am feeling so good and relaxed by myself, with a lot of love in my heart, but without any direction.
Osho, can you explain what is happening? How come it is hitting so many of us all at once? Is it contagious? Has it to do with the star constellation, or are you cooking something?

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