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Chapter 29: I Am Crazy, but You Are Crazier!

Only one thing is needed not to miss me, and that is: you have to remember constantly that in every mind, in every person who comes in search of truth, the ego plays a very cunning game.

I will tell you one story.

It is said that one of the great Zen masters, Bokuju, used to ask every newcomer: “Have you realized that the path of disciplehood is very difficult? Before you enter on the path, it is my duty to make you alert to all the difficulties, arduousness, hostilities; it is an uphill task. Are you ready, or you have come here just out of curiosity?”

One man said, “No, I have come here to find the truth, but if it is too difficult to be a disciple then what about making me a master?”

It is a very strange story.

But that is the only thing that can prevent you coming closer to me - the desire in the ego somewhere to become a master. You have to become something bigger, something greater. The master is just a finger pointing to the moon. Don’t be bothered to become a master; while you can become the moon, why become the finger?

You are asking what can keep you missing me. Only one thing: the desire to be a master. It is one of the mysteries of life that only those who don’t have any desire to be a master become masters, and those who have the desire even fall from the status of being a disciple, because the desire to be a master is nothing but a subtle ego. So just watch your mind.

From disciple become a devotee; from devotee take a quantum leap, a merger with existence. Never think for a moment of becoming a master. Leave it to existence; if existence wants you to become a master - that means if existence wants to use you as a master, you will be used. If existence thinks you have done enough and wants you to relax, disperse into eternity, leave it to existence. You should not be desirous of anything. The moment you come to the state of desirelessness, then existence uses you in whatever way is needed: as a mystic, as a master, as a singer, as a dancer, as a flute player, or just as nobody; but everything is a benediction.

That which comes to you from existence, without your desiring it, is always the greatest ecstasy there is.