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Chapter 11: The Song of Life

This sutra says: Listen to the song of life. But you cannot listen to it unless you have already heard it within your own heart. Whatsoever you can see must be seen first within your own heart; otherwise you cannot see it, you cannot hear it. The basic experience must be inner. Only then can the outer be experienced.

Whatsoever we know in the outer world is nothing but a reflection or a projection. If you are filled with love, the whole of life appears to be filled with love. If you are sitting with your beloved or with your lover, the whole of existence is okay. Nothing is wrong, there is no misery. The whole of existence is filled with a deep music, because you are filled with a deep music. There is no discord within you; your heart feels a deep harmony. With your beloved or with your lover or your friend you are so one. This oneness spreads all over.

But if you are in deep agony - suffering, sad, depressed - the whole of existence seems to be depressed. It is you, not existence. Existence remains the same. The climates of your mind change. In one climate existence appears sad. In another climate existence seems to be celebrating. It is not: existence is always the same. You go on changing, and your mind goes on being projected. Existence works as a mirror, and you are mirrored in it.

But if you think that whatsoever you interpret is fact and not just a projection, you will fall into deeper and deeper illusions. If you can understand that it is not fact but a fiction of the mind - it depends on you, not on existence itself - then you can change. You can go through a mutation, an inner revolution can happen, because now it is up to you.

The world can be a chaos if you are a chaos. The world can be a cosmos if you are a cosmos. The world can be dead if you are inwardly dead; the world can be alive, abundantly alive, if you are alive within. It depends on you: you are the world. Only you exist really, nothing else. Everything else is just a mirror.

I remember an anecdote.

An emperor, a very powerful emperor, created a palace, a palace of mirrors. All around, all over the palace there were mirrors. The emperor was a very beautiful person, and he was so infatuated with his own beauty that he was never attracted in any way to anyone else. He was a Narcissus. He loved only himself and he thought that everyone else was ugly.

Finally he barred everyone else from entering his palace. He lived there alone, looking at his own face everywhere in the palace. There were mirrors everywhere, thousands and thousands of reflections of his face.

But then, by and by, he got bored, fed up. He started disliking himself, because he kept meeting himself the whole day, encountering himself. He became ill, he became very sad and very depressed. He became so dull that he was almost on the verge of death - just fed up with himself.

Then suddenly he remembered: “This palace is my own creation. I need not be here. There is no one forcing me to be here.”

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