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Chapter 19: Silence Brings Revelations, Not Words

There are things that can only be done - you cannot just wait for existence to do them for you. And there are things that, whatever you do, you are going to fail. Only in your utter failure, when you give up, they happen. They happen from the beyond.

A whole man is available to both, to doing and to happening. But remember: whatever you do is momentary; and whatever you do is lower than you, it cannot be higher than you. Action cannot be higher than the doer. And in happening, whatsoever happens is higher than you; it comes upon you from above. It showers on you as if it is a rain of flowers, blessings, benediction.

So if a man can sort out that which is doing and that which is happening, his life will have a clarity, a great intelligence, and a tremendous possibility of fulfillment. As you move towards happening, words will start disappearing. Pictures, visions, colors that you have never seen, fragrances that are unknown to you..

In doing, pictures are not needed, so pictures slowly, slowly disappear from the conscious mind. They start living in the underground, in the unconscious mind. That’s why there are no words in your dreams. In your dreams, there are pictures. Those pictures are saying something but you have forgotten the language. You cannot interpret your own dream; you have to find a psychoanalyst, and that too is pure guesswork.

If you go to a few psychoanalysts, analytical psychologists.psychosynthesis - and there are hundreds of schools of therapies - you will be amazed that they all interpret your dream in different ways, almost contrary to each other. And your dream cannot have so many meanings - your dream has only one meaning, and that one meaning has not been possible to discover through psychoanalysis, because psychoanalysis is basically a thinker’s game, a word game. It is head-oriented.

Now, words cannot interpret pictures. What can you do if you see a beautiful sunset, so glorious in color, so silent and everything becoming more and more silent and still? You are enchanted with the beauty, you are overwhelmed, but what can you say about it in words? Just saying “a beautiful sunset” does not carry much meaning. And this sunset is something outside, so everybody knows - even if you say “a beautiful sunset,” something is understood - but about the experiences of the inner world, which will all be pictorial, no word is capable to express them. Hence, beware of words.

In silence you will have revelations, not words.

You may have colors, you may have light, you may have beautiful darkness. You may have flowers, you may have the silence of the midnight sky. You may have all kinds of experiences, but the moment you start speaking about them, you will find yourself falling dumb. This is a good sign. This is a sign that what is happening to you is true.

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