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Chapter 3: The Sage Answers

Analysis can never lead us beyond matter; it never will. No, it is impossible. It is futile to hope that someday science will declare the existence of God. A scientist may start talking of the existence of something divine, but that is not a statement of science.

In his last days Einstein started experiencing the existence of something divine - but that is the statement of a scientist, not of science. It is like this: a scientist falls in love with someone and says that she is the most beautiful woman on earth. This is not a statement of science but a statement of the scientist. A scientist can feel blissful to see a flower and can dance in ecstasy, but this is not the dance of science, it is the dance of the scientist.

But religious people often think.if sometimes a scientist admits to the existence of God - some Eddington, or Oliver Lodge, or an Einstein - religious people immediately start thinking that now science is also going to be talking of God. That is totally wrong. These statements are individual and personal, they have nothing to do with science.

Science will never be able to talk of God, the ultimate reality, because the very method used by science leads to division, it does not lead to a synthesis, to the whole. It would be another thing if science someday used the method of religion and was then able to talk of the divine, but then it will not remain science anymore, it will have become religion.

The answer of the sage starts with this:

Soul is both: the universal and the individual.

That capacity of awareness, the consciousness, this knower within man, the watcher, the witness, this is what the Upanishads call the soul.

But this statement is very strange. It says: “The soul, the self is God. There is no other God than this self.” This is the way of synthesis. The individual self is within you, and the universal self is the name for the whole of existence.

You have a drop of water.if you ask a scientist, “What is the ocean?” he will say it is nothing more than the sum total of many, many drops. And he is not wrong. If you divide the ocean, what will you get except drops? But is the ocean really only just drops? - storms and waves cannot arise in a drop. The ocean is something more, more than just drops of water. But science will then ask, “Where is the ocean? - if we take out all the drops of water there will be no ocean left.” And they are right.

If you amputate my hands, my feet, cut off my head, cut off all my limbs - then what is left of me? Yet I am more than just my hands and feet, and even when my feet are being cut off I can be aware that I am still here, that it is not me that is being cut off. Even when my head is being cut off I can also be fully conscious.not only would others be watching this head being cut off, I would also be watching it being cut off.

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