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Chapter 18: Existence Is Taking Care

Three gray-haired mothers, Mrs. Fletcher, Mrs. Cornfield, and Mrs. Baum, were sitting in a Catskill hotel bragging about their children.

“My son is a doctor,” said Mrs. Fletcher, “and he’s an internist, a surgeon and a specialist. He makes so much money, he owns an apartment building on Park Avenue in New York.”

“That’s nice,” said Mrs. Cornfield. “My son is a lawyer. He handles divorces, accidents, tax cases, insurance. He is so successful, he owns two apartment buildings on Fifth Avenue.”

“Ladies,” announced Mrs. Baum, “you should both be proud to have such successful sons. My boy, I have to tell you the truth, is a homosexual.”

“That’s a shame,” said Mrs. Cornfield. “And what does he do for a living?”

“Nothing,” said Mrs. Baum. “He has two friends: one is a doctor who owns an apartment building on Park Avenue, and the other is a lawyer who owns two apartment buildings.”

Existence takes care.

How can a blind and ignorant person be helped by a blind and ignorant therapist and his blind advice? Is it all just to make some firecrackers explode in the dark tunnel, to have a party and excitement together, to make the journey a bit “piff-paff-puff”? Can real help and guidance not just come from a master like you? If you like, please comment.

Your question is, How can a blind and ignorant person be helped by a blind and ignorant therapist and his blind advice? Do you mean to say that you cannot be helped by a doctor if you have a cancer and he has not? Are you going to look for a doctor who has a cancer? - only he can help you?

In life, you are being helped by many people who don’t have the experience but who have the expertise. The difference is great between experience and expertise - but the expert can also help.

A man was purchasing eggs, and he said to the shopkeeper, “These eggs are rotten.”

The shopkeeper was very much shocked and angry, and he said, “Are you a hen? Have you ever laid an egg? What do you know about eggs? Neither are you an egg, nor are you a hen.”

The man remained silent for a moment; he had never thought of this. He said, “That means to know that an egg is rotten, I have to be a hen - then life will become impossible. I will have to be so many things because life needs so many things.”

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