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Chapter 4: Desire for Sensation

If you prefer foods which strongly stimulate your senses, your capacity to taste will quickly disappear. Then, no matter how many spices you add, you will find the food is tasteless. What is this interest in spices? They have strong stimulants that wake up your taste buds. But what we take for stimulation starts having a deadening effect. Then if you eat food without spices, it will taste like mud. You will have lost the sense of what food should taste like; your ability to taste will have diminished. This seems paradoxical: in your efforts to increase the sensation of taste, your ability to taste has decreased. You cannot taste food in the same way as Mahavira or Buddha would have done.

That is why I keep saying that it is difficult to find people who are enjoying more than those whom we call renouncers, because whatever they experience is very pure. The taste Buddha experiences from drinking water - you will not be able to get even from drinking your wine, because the less the senses are stimulated, the more capable, finely-tuned and subtle they remain.

If you are used to listening to loud rock music, you will not be able to hear the soft voices of the birds - but they too have their song. You will not be able to make out the voice of the cricket in the stillness - but it too has its song. The winds which pass through the trees have a song in their whispering - but you will not be able to hear it. And this much stimulus is certainly enough to prevent you from hearing the echo of the song arising from within your own heart. You will never be able to know the music of omkar which resounds in the depths of your innermost sky. And someone who has never heard the music of his heart has not heard anything at all. He has remained deprived of the supreme melody.

So before we go into the sutra, the first thing to keep in mind is this: that the more intense your rush for excitement, the less your capacity to experience. That is why there is a lot of excitement in the world today, but very little experience. Never before have so many different kinds of pleasure been available in the world. Even in the ancient scriptures, the descriptions of heaven do not mention such a wealth of pleasures. Everything imaginable has been realized; science has made our dreams come true. There are so many different methods to experience so much - but the experiencer, the man, has become totally insensitive.

Just a few days ago a young American girl came to see me. She told me that she had read my book, From Sex to Superconsciousness. After reading it she came to me and said, “I don’t have any interest in meditation, nor am I searching for God. But I don’t feel or get any enjoyment out of sex, and I am worried about this. I don’t experience any kind of enjoyment, I don’t feel any sensation whatsoever. I have been treated by doctors, I have been analyzed by psychologists, I have already wasted thousands of dollars, and I still don’t derive any pleasure from sex at all. Since you have written this book, I thought I should come to you.”

So I asked her what different experiments she had tried with sex.

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