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Chapter 4: An Experience of Deathlessness

And to take one hour out of twenty-four for yourself every day is not a great deal. How much time do you take out for foolishnesses? I have seen people playing cards. You ask, “What are you doing?” and the answer is: “We are passing the time.” Fools! Are you passing the time or yourselves? Who has ever been able to pass the time? People are running toward the movie houses: there is a crowd there, there are fights at the ticket windows. You ask, “What are you doing?” And the answer is: “To pass the time. Three hours will pass happily.”

Who knows in how many other trivial things you go on “passing the time.” You are passing the time in useless gossip with friends without realizing that this very time can also give you an experience of deathlessness.

And I don’t ask you to renounce everything and escape to the Himalayas. Nothing will come out of that. Sitting on the Himalayas, you will still be thinking of your chess moves.

Be where you are: just take one hour. You are giving twenty-three hours to the world - what is this miserliness about giving one hour to existence? Give one hour, sitting on your bed just before going to sleep. And it won’t be long before you are in contact with your interiority within, where the Ganges of life is flowing like an inner river. Before it dries up, it is necessary to make your acquaintance with it. The fear of death will disappear, because then you will know that death simply doesn’t occur.

Death is the greatest fiction in this world. Only bodies are changed, homes are changed, clothes are changed - but your essence remains forever the same. But you will have to make the acquaintance of this essence. Except for making this acquaintance, there is no other meaning to religion. And this will not happen by going to the gurudwaras or the mosques or the temples either, because there, too, you will do the same unfortunate things. After all, it will be you there. Now if a beautiful woman suddenly comes into your sight, how will you be able to resist bumping your body against hers? And such a sacred act certainly is befitting to a sacred place like a temple!

No, in this very world - where all sorts of nonsense is going on - lies the real opportunity, the real test, the fire test. Right here, for an hour every day at any time.. And it is also not that this time has to be a fixed one. People seek excuses of all sorts: that it is very difficult to have a fixed time. I don’t ask you to fix a time.whenever it is possible. But just remember one thing: that in twenty-four hours, one hour is yours. And the realization, the experiencing of all the realities of life - just in that one hour - will free you from the fear of death.

Know life. Then there is no death at all.

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