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Chapter 30: This Very World the Paradise

All divisions are false, reality is one. There is nothing lower and nothing higher, and there is nothing outer, nothing inner. There is no body, no soul. It is all one. The body is the soul visible, and the soul is the body invisible. There is no creator other than this very creation. The creator and the creation are not separated, they are as one as the dancer and the dance. They cannot exist apart, they can only exist as one. You cannot take the dancer apart from his dance; if you take him, he is no more a dancer. You cannot take the dance apart from the dancer, there is no possibility. They are utterly one, expressions of the same energy, the same phenomenon.

So what is happening to you, is exactly what should happen. This is what I am desiring, longing, praying for you. This is the way you are coming closer and closer to me. Forget all about transcendental experiences. All those so-called transcendental experiences are nothing but bullshit. These are the real experiences: this sensitivity that is growing in you, this receptivity that is becoming deeper and deeper every moment, this joy of existence, of life, of being, of love.

Don’t think of seeing some spiritual visions - God sitting on a golden throne. Those are all fantasies of starved minds, of mediocre minds. Don’t think about something extraordinary, because the extraordinary is desired only by the very ordinary - that is the desire of the inferior. If you are intelligent, if you are alert, the ordinary becomes the extraordinary. And that is the magic I teach you.

I am giving you an alchemy. Yes, cooking can become prayer. Only then are you religious. If cooking can become prayer, only then. If cleaning the floor can become meditation, only then.

This ordinary life is ordinary only because you are dull, because you are asleep, because you are thick. It is ordinary only because you don’t have perception to see its depth. You can’t see the colors of life and the beautiful forms of life and the eternal benediction that goes on showering each moment of it. It is a continuum. Because you can’t see the beauty of a rising sun and you can’t see the beauty of the stars in the night, and because you can’t see the beauty of human eyes, hence out of this poverty arises the desire for some transcendental experience - experiencing God, heaven, paradise, experiencing the arousal of the serpent power in your spine. Experiencing these things or desiring to experience these things are all mind-games. The true religion is always of the here and the now.

Yes, that’s what I want you to become, sensuous, because if you are not sensuous you can never be spiritual. If you cannot enjoy the small things of life, if you cannot sip your tea with celebration, you are not religious at all. You can go to Kaaba or to Jerusalem or you can go to Kashi, you will never be religious anywhere if you cannot sip tea with utter gratitude. And the aroma of the tea, and the beautiful smell that is arising - if you cannot feel it, if you are not sensuous enough to feel it, you will not be able to feel God, because God is the center of everything.

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