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Chapter 6: Go On Moving

When all your questions disappear - not giving you any belief; all beliefs gone, all questions gone - then all stupidity, all foolishness will be gone. Then there is a flowering, a blooming, and that blooming is the answer. That answers all the questions. Suddenly you are in the know. There is no knowledge, but you are in the know. Suddenly you are at home. Then you are not struggling with life and inquiring about what it is. Now you know, from your deepest core of being, what it is. You have become it, you have allowed it to flow through you. Now you are no more separate from it.

The English word religion is beautiful: it means to be together, to be married, to be tied together, to be in union. It means exactly what the Sanskrit word yoga means - to be one. When your small flow is one with the flow of the whole, you are religious. When your small river falls into the great Ganges, and you start flowing with the Ganges and you lose your boundaries, you are religious.

“Religion” is as beautiful a word as “yoga.” It means: you have now come to an ultimate marriage with the whole. Right now when you are stuck you are in a state of divorce, separation at least. You are moving like a small stream - not even moving; you have become a pool: stagnant, dying, stinking. Get out of it.

If your questions help you to move, go on asking. It is better to be questioning than to be believing, because a believer has stopped asking questions. His movement has stopped.

What do you mean when you say “I am a Christian,” or “I am a Hindu,” or “I am a Mohammedan”? What do you mean? - you mean, “Now there is no questioning in me. I’m tired of questioning; I have started believing.” Then your whole life has shrunk. Then you are no longer expanding, then you are no longer exploring, then you are no longer inquiring.

To be a Mohammedan, to be a Hindu, to be a Christian, is worse than to be a questioner and an agnostic. It is better to be an agnostic and go on questioning because if you go on questioning, and if you are courageous enough to go on questioning to the very end, one day it comes: you remain and the question disappears. Not that a belief is given to you; the question simply disappears and a trust arises, a trust in life. Not trust in the Bible, not trust in the Vedas, not trust in the Koran, but a trust in life from where all Vedas and all Korans and all Bibles come and disappear. That trust is the answer.

Become a flow. And go on using anything that helps. Go on questioning. I am not going to give you any answers. I am not a teacher. That’s why many times you feel a little worried. You start thinking, “Why does he go on avoiding?” If you watch, I never answer your question directly, I answer something else. I just push you onward. I answer you in such a way that you can ask many more questions. This pushing of your energy towards the ultimate will bring a climax where the questioning mind explodes. And when the question is not, and the belief is not, suddenly mind itself has disappeared. In that state of no-mind you are at home. You have come home.

The second question:

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