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Chapter 6: Jesus Christ, I Missed!

I know uniqueness must be so in enlightenment.

No. That very idea of uniqueness is part of the pathology of the human mind. Enlightenment is utterly ordinary. That is its extraordinariness. In this life everything is special, particular, unique, except enlightenment. That is its uniqueness, if you want to use the word unique. But its uniqueness is in comparison to all other things in the world. Not that you can compare two buddhas; comparison is not possible. Once the river has entered into the ocean there is no possibility of any comparison. The river is no more, only ocean is.

You say,

I know uniqueness must be so in enlightenment.

It is not so. I have disappeared, and I say to you it is not so. You are still imagining. Your ego is still thinking in terms of separateness, individuality, speciality. Your ego is thinking, “When I become enlightened this is going to be a unique experience.” Nothing of the sort! That experience is the same. Whenever a river has disappeared into the ocean, it is always the same.

.For I cannot imagine Christ or Buddha running their ashram the way you do if they were alive now and all three of you were doing that.

That is true. Buddha cannot run the ashram the way I do, I cannot do things the way Buddha used to do, that’s true - but that has nothing to do with enlightenment, really. You will have to understand the process.

When you become enlightened you come to know the unity of all, but your mechanism remains with you. You are no more identified with the mechanism, you are no more identified with your mind, with your body. You know you are transcendental, but the body is there, the mind is there. You have just come to recognize the fact that you are not your body-mind, that you are total. Now if you want to express this experience, you will have to use the same mind, the same body that you were using before enlightenment. You don’t have any other instruments to use, hence the uniqueness.

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