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Chapter 8: Everybody Is Extraordinary

To understand this is to be both extraordinary and ordinary. Extraordinary in the sense that existence only creates unique people, and ordinary in the sense that everybody is extraordinary. There is nothing extraordinary in being extraordinary; everybody is so. The comparison disappears; and when there is no comparison, there is no possibility of the ego.

You ask me: “Please help me to be happy..” I can only help you to be not miserable - I cannot help you to be happy. But if you are not miserable, you will be happy. But no direct way to make you happy is possible. If it were possible, I would have made you happy long before. I am not a miser. I would have given it to you if it were possible to give at all - but there is no possibility.

Happiness is not something that is going to happen to you from the outside. Once you stop being miserable, happiness is, happiness wells up within your being. It simply arises out of you; you start blooming - the hindrances have been removed.

And this seems to be your greatest obstacle: you want to be extraordinary. I declare it, you are. But remember, everybody else is too. So now there is no need to be worried, I certify you, you need not prove it. Let this obstacle disappear. Accept your extraordinariness, rejoice in it, celebrate it. Walt Whitman says: “I celebrate myself, I sing myself.” Celebrate and sing. You are extraordinary; existence has not made another person like you, will never make another person like you. It is only once that life exists as you, in you, in this form. This form is unrepeatable.

Now, what is lacking? All your misery is arising because you are trying to become it. It is your being; becoming is irrelevant. And then suddenly you will see.. If you can see the point - don’t think about it, just see the point, it is so crystal clear - and a great burden from your chest will disappear. So you are extraordinary. You will take a deep breath, you will relax, and suddenly there is happiness.

Happiness is not something that we have to produce or do anything for. It is natural, it is spontaneous. I can help you not to be in misery. Misery is your creation, happiness is existence’s creation. Misery is the gift that you have given to yourself, happiness is the gift that existence has given to you. But you cling to misery and when you cling, you feed it by your clinging. Drop it. Start dancing and singing and celebrating. End it right now. And don’t say, “Tomorrow” because tomorrow never comes. And don’t say, “I will think it over”; either you have understood or you have missed. Thinking is not going to help. It is a simple fact.

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