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Chapter 3: Live Naturally

Everyone dies. But there are differences in dying. You will die, a Buddha also dies, but there is a difference between your dying and Buddha’s. You will die only as a body and save your ego, you die taking the ego with you - it will adorn your mind like a precious decoration. Then your ego will enter a new womb. You will die, but your mind will not die. And nothing can change until the mind dies. Masks can change, houses can change, but the journey is the same - just going round and round like an old ox in a grain mill. You have died many times and you have been born again many times. You have hardly died when you begin to be born again.

The ego hides all your diseases inside itself, enters a new womb, and starts taking a new body. But the desires are old, the diseases are old, the miseries are old, its grooves are old grooves. You will just begin to move again and you will get tired and fall again, die again. This has happened many, many times. Buddha also dies, but there is a difference between his dying and your dying. Your ego does not die, it only abandons the body. A buddha dissolves his ego, burns up his ego. Before the body is abandoned he abandons his ego. One who dies before dying experiences the ultimate life, then there is no need to come back again because the very thread that used to pull him back has been destroyed.

The being, the soul has no birth, no death. It is only the ego that is born, and can die. And someone who is released from the ego is eternal; then he doesn’t die and he isn’t born again. Then there is a life that is forever and beyond time. Then you are as big as the sky. This is your self-nature!

Die this death that Gorakh embraced and awakened. This is why Gorakh says he is not talking about the ordinary death. Everyone dies ordinary deaths: birds and animals die, plants die, mountains die. Gorakh is not talking about this death, he is talking about a special death - to die into enlightenment, to die into meditation. When you let the ego go, then you are immersed in meditation. As long as the ego exists no one can drown into meditation.

What is the secret of the ego’s existence? If this is understood, then the art of its dying will also be understood. The ego lives in extremes. Extremes are the life force of the ego. Perhaps you have never considered it, thought about it, looked at it with awareness, that the abode of the ego is in extremes. More and more and more.this is the ego’s way of life. Ten thousand rupees should become one hundred thousand, and one hundred thousand should become one million. More and more and more.. Ego lives in this insanity. The ego lives in extremes. And the extreme can be of anything, whether it is of money or of knowledge or of power or of renunciation - but more is needed.

Someone who has done a thirty-day fast thinks that the next time he will do a forty-day fast. Someone who has fasted for forty days thinks that the next time he will fast for fifty days. What is the difference? Someone who has forty million rupees thinks it should become fifty million. What is the difference? Someone who has started eating only twice instead of three times a day, thinks about when he should begin to eat only once. And someone who eats only once a day, thinks about how to be finished with eating completely.

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