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Chapter 11: Choose the Eternal

Be a failure in this world! You are trying to do just the opposite; to succeed in it. If you succeed, that will be the real failure because then you will remain with the momentary. But no one ever succeeds; we are fortunate because no one ever succeeds. At the most, you can go on postponing the failure, that’s all. You may postpone it to a further life, you can postpone it for millions of lives. But no one ever succeeds in this world, because how can you succeed with the momentary, that which is fleeting? How can you build a house on it? That which is passing moment to moment, going out of existence, how can you build a house, an abode on it? By the time the house is ready, the moment is gone. That’s why you feel frustrated every moment, but again you start doing the same thing.

It seems you are not aware, it seems you are not alert to what you are doing; it seems you have not learned anything from life. You have remained ignorant of life, you have not attained to any experience. You may have much knowledge, you may know how to build a house - you may be an engineer, an architect - but you have not learned through experience that the house cannot be built on the momentary. This is the first thing Jesus says.

Jesus said:
A city being built on a high mountain and fortified, cannot fall nor can it ever be hidden.

Many things. First: A city being built on a high mountain. You always make something in the valley. These are symbols: valley means the dark night; high mountain means more conscious, more aware. The more aware you are, the higher you go. When you become perfectly aware, you are on Everest. That is why Hindus have been saying that Shiva lives on Gourishankar, the highest mountain-top. Shiva is the highest consciousness: Shiva is not a person, shiva means perfect consciousness. Perfect consciousness lives on Gourishankar.

When you are unconscious you fall into the dark valley: your night is a valley, your sleep is a valley. When you are aware you start moving toward the height; when you are completely unconscious, that is the lowest point of existence. Rocks exist there, at the lowest rung of the ladder, because rocks are perfectly unconscious. They are not dead, they are alive, they grow; they are young, they become old, they die. They pass through all the phases you pass through, but they are not conscious: the lowest rung of the ladder. Sometimes you are like a rock; when you are fast asleep what is the difference between you and a rock? When there is not even a single ray of consciousness, then what is the difference between you and the earth? You have fallen back.

In sleep, you go toward the valley. The sinner means one who lives constantly in sleep; the saint means one who is not asleep even in his sleep. Krishna has said to Arjuna: “When everybody is asleep, the yogi is still awake. When everybody is in slumber, the yogi is still alert.” The totality of the yogi never goes to sleep. A point of witnessing always remains; he witnesses his own sleep. In sleep you fall, in awareness you rise high. When nothing is asleep in you, when your whole consciousness has become a light, when not a single fragment is unconscious, when your complete being is filled with light - that is what we mean by a Buddha, a Christ: no unconsciousness exists - this is the highest peak. Hence the symbolic meaning of .A city built on a high mountain.

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