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Chapter 13: God Is the Ocean You Are In

The day the electricity went off many times, I received many letters saying that it was such a great experience to sit silently for those few moments. In any other gathering in the world that would have been a disturbance; but in this gathering it was a tremendous experience - people loved those gaps. Perhaps those electricity failures were managed; but those people must have come to know that we enjoyed it - and since that day, those electricity failures have stopped.

Kavisho, do not think of the past and do not think of the future. I am here with you and I know your heart. You are here with me, and there is no need to fear that you will miss the opportunity. You are coming closer and closer to the fulfillment - to the ultimate contentment. You are going to be one of my most blessed disciples.

I would like so much to find beautiful questions, beautiful words, but nothing comes. In this moment, I realize that one of my deepest desires is just to hear you utter my name.

Prem Anutosha, you have got a very beautiful name. It means “love” and “total contentment.” Love is total contentment. The greatest misery in life is that one’s love remains unfulfilled. That unfulfillment is not only of love - it is the unfulfillment of one’s very soul.

You wanted to hear your name from my lips.I have fulfilled your desire. I would like that this name does not remain just a name - it becomes your reality too.

The name is beautiful but the reality is going to be a million times more beautiful.

The latest news from public health officials and private AIDS physicians is that Catholic priests are now a high risk group for AIDS, in view of the high incidence of homosexuality among these priests. Catholic priests seem to be about ten times more likely to be homosexual than the rest of the population - and most of them are actively homosexual.
Beloved Osho, I am worried about your going to the Vatican.

Prem Amrito, it is your duty to be worried. He is my personal physician, and if I go to the Vatican, he will have to go with me.

But it is not going to happen. The pope is such a coward that he will not allow the Italian government.for one year he has been preventing it; and the message has come from a personal friend of the prime minister of Italy that it is the pope who is absolutely stubborn that on no condition should I be allowed entry into Italy.

Now another difficulty has arisen: my personal physician does not want me to go to the Vatican.

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