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Chapter 4: “Chaotic” Meditation

No man is for himself; every man is against himself. Man is against himself. That is how society cultures you, cultivates you, conditions you. This repression has many implications. You can never be at ease because your major part is not even allowed to exist, not even allowed to be conscious. The major part of your being is in bondage. And remember that a fragment can never be free. Can you make a branch of a tree free while the whole tree is in slavery? The fragment is basically part of the whole, so even the fragment enjoys only a very illusionary freedom. And the part that is suppressed goes on fighting for expression.

Life needs expression, life is expression. If you do not allow life, then you are creating, accumulating, explosive forces. They will explode and you will go to bits. This division in you is schizophrenia. So every man is schizophrenic, divided - divided against himself. He cannot be at ease; he cannot be silent; he cannot be blissful. Hell is always there, and unless you become whole, you cannot be freed from this hell.

So if you understand me, man as such is schizophrenic, neurotic. So something has to be done which releases this neurosis, brings your divided parts nearer. The unexpressed has to be expressed, and this constant repression of your mind, of the conscious upon the unconscious, has to be withdrawn.

All the old meditation techniques do not take this into consideration; that is why they have been failures. Meditation techniques have been in existence for a long time; they have been known throughout history, but a Buddha, a Jesus, a Mahavira, have all been failures. I don’t mean that they themselves didn’t realize. They realized, but they were exceptions, and exceptions only prove rules. Buddha was enlightened, but he couldn’t help the greater portion of humanity to be enlightened. He was simply an exception.

Why could religion not be a great help? The reason is this: we have been taking man for granted, and we were teaching meditative techniques to help man as he is. But all these techniques can help only to a certain extent, and only on the surface. The inner division remains; you have not done anything to dissolve it.

For example, there are zen techniques, and Mahesh Yogi’s transcendental meditation, and other techniques. They can help you to a certain extent. They can calm you down, your surface can become more peaceful, but nothing happens to your inner being. It cannot! And, in a way, that surface calm is dangerous because in one way or another you will explode again. Basically nothing has happened. You have simply trained your conscious mind to be in a more still state.

You can still your mind easily through mantras, through constant chanting, through many things. Anything which creates an inner boredom will help you to calm down. For example, if you constantly repeat “Ram Ram Ram,” this constant repetition creates a certain sleepiness, a boredom, and your mind begins to fall into sleep. You can feel that sleepiness as calmness, as stillness, but it is not. Really, it is a sort of dullness. But you can tolerate your life more through it; at least on the surface you will feel more contented. But the forces, the neurotic forces, will go on boiling within; any day they will disrupt the surface, and you will fall down dead.

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