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Chapter 10: Exactly in the Middle

The ego always prods you, goads you into doing: “Do something!” It creates the fallacy that it is within your hands to change, that you are the master of your destiny. That is the way of the ego. That is the fallacy!

Nothing is in your hands.

The moment you see the fallacy, it disappears. The moment you see that there is only a rope and no snake.the snake was just a projection in the dark. Out of fear you had seen it. When you come close and you bring a lamp and you see that it is a rope, the snake is no more there! The question is dissolved. Seeing that nothing can be done, surrender has happened.

This is the whole secret of it. And you have understood it. But still your ego is playing tricks with you. The ego is saying, “There must be some way to do it. There must be a trick! There must be something hidden, esoteric, that you don’t know. There must be a key that can unlock the door.”

There is no key, there is no lock, there is no door. Nothing has to be unlocked because nothing has been locked from the very beginning.

Your question is beautiful. If you can understand your question, all questions will dissolve - because your question carries the answer! You say: “You make it all sound so easy.” It is easy! What can I do? It is not in my hands to make it difficult. It is easy because it is not an act. Only if you have to do something can it be difficult. When you have not to do anything, how can it be difficult? How can non-doing be difficult? Difficult - the very word is relevant only with doing. Non-doing is an under-standing, is an insight, a sudden vision. And that’s what has happened to you in this question. You say: “You make it all sound so easy. But is it? Is it really?” You don’t want to believe in it. You don’t want to believe in its easiness. See the point! You want it to be difficult, then you will be very happy. If I say, “It is very difficult,” you will relax, you will be relieved. If I say, “It is almost impossible,” a burden is removed from your head. Then you will say, “Then it is okay. Then I can travel. Then there is challenge. Then my ego can do many things - it is difficult and I am going to do it.”

The more impossible it looks, the more appealing it is to the ego. Hence, I cannot say it is difficult, because I don’t want to support your ego in any way. It is easy - it is absolutely easy. But the moment I say ‘easy’ you become uneasy. You start feeling, “Then? Then there is nothing left as a challenge.” Then you are not attracted towards it. If it is so easy that even a child can do it - in fact it is so easy that only a child can do it! - then your ego feels hurt. You want something arduous, some uphill task. It should be the Everest - so only you can reach and nobody else,

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