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Chapter 5: Existence Must Be Laughing at Man

All that is needed is a deep recognition that you know nothing, a recognition that your ego is not you. You are simply the silence which has been taken over by the ego. You are a land conquered by an enemy and you are being identified with the enemy.

Everything is possible, but you have to begin from the right point with humbleness, with openness, with receptivity. And a silence and a patience and a trust will arise on their own accord. Yes, many, many flowers will blossom in your being too, but you have to put things right.

Some people do things instinctively. Is instinct the same as intuition? Or is instinct animal-like, and intuition only human?
Osho, please comment on the difference, if there is a difference.

Instead of two words, you will have to understand three words, because you have a past and you have a present and you have a future. Instinct is what belongs to your animal past. It is very old, very solid. It is the inheritance of millions of years. And when I say it is animal-like, I am not condemning it. With the word animal the priests of all religions have associated some condemnation, but I am simply stating a fact, no condemnation at all.

Our past was an animal past. We have passed through all kinds of animals. Our evolution has been from fish up to man, passing through all the species of animals. It has been a long, long journey to arrive at mankind.

Intellect is human: it is our present. That’s how we function, through intellect. All our sciences, all our businesses, all our professions - whatever is going on in the world - our politics, our religion, our philosophy, they are all based on intellect. Intellect is human.

Instinct is almost infallible, because it is so old, so ripe, so mature. Your eyes are blinking; are you doing it? They go on doing it by themselves. This is instinct. Your heart is beating; your breathing is going in and out; it is not up to your intellect to look after all these essential things of life. They are in the hands of instinct, because instinct is absolutely infallible. It never forgets to breathe, it never forgets anything.

But intellect is very fallible, because it is very new, a very recent arrival. It is just groping in the dark still trying to find what it is, where it belongs. And because it does not have roots in experience, it substitutes experience with beliefs, philosophies, ideologies. They become the focus of intellect. But they are all fallible, because they are all man-made, manufactured by some clever guy.

And they are not applicable in every situation. They may be right in one situation and in another situation they may not be right. But intellect is blind, it knows not how to deal with the new. It always brings the old answer to the new question.

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