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Chapter 32: Only Your Original Face Can Become Enlightened

Ego is a false phenomenon created by the society - so is personality. Ego is the false center that the society has given to you in place of your real being. And the personality is the false individuality that the society has created, as a circumference to the center of the ego. So you are caught in a net with the false personality and the false ego. And unless they both disappear, you cannot see what is behind the curtain of the false; you cannot see the original self, you cannot see your individuality.

The master is certainly going to destroy your personality, but not your individuality. He will take away everything that the society has imposed upon you. And in taking away everything imposed by the society, he is simply taking that which you don’t have, but which you only believe you have. Once he has taken all the falsities, you will discover the original self, the original face.

But the master gives as much rope as possible, because nothing can be done against you.

So it is good to run a little bit, just as a game; but to go on running forever is stupid. That means you have taken your fear too seriously, not knowing that the fear is absolutely ungrounded. The master will make every effort to make you aware that your fear is ungrounded. You will lose only that which you don’t have. And you will get only that which you really have.

The moment this becomes clear to you, you will allow the master to catch you. And unless you allow him, nothing can be done. The master cannot be impatient about it.

The act of transformation of the disciple is an act of his free choice. If the master forces it upon you, it will be again something false.

That is being done by organized religions. They don’t give you rope, they don’t allow you to run away. They catch hold of you immediately, as you are born, so that you cannot run away at all. Till you go to the grave, the organized religion keeps its hold on you - from the cradle to the grave.

Even after you are dead, they take every step that you cannot escape. They don’t allow you freedom even after you are dead. They start from birth, and they continue to keep a hold on you through marriage till death comes over you. Everything happens in the church: the baptism of the child, the circumcision of the child, the marriage, the death. Finally, the last sermon over the dead body is to be given by the priest.

The old religions don’t give you any moment to run away. And the people who choose teachers from traditional religions.those teachers won’t allow you any freedom. They will impose all kinds of falsities on you.

And this is the beauty and the wonder, that you are not afraid of them! You are afraid only when you come across a real master.

Who is afraid of the priest? Who is afraid of the rabbi? Nobody is afraid of those people - and they are doing every harm to you that can be done. But you accept it because all that harm goes on nourishing your ego, your personality.

The whole function of organized religion is to keep you away from your real self, your original face, your individuality. The master’s function is different.

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