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Chapter 6: Balancing Chakras.and Beyond

Now even scientists are suspecting it. When a child is born, the mother can give just milk, bodily food. She may not give love - then the child will suffer; his body will grow but his spirit will suffer. Just bodily nourishment is not enough: spiritual nourishment is needed. If a mother only gives food and not love then she is not a mother, she is only a nurse. And the child will suffer for his whole life - something will remain stuck, ungrown, retarded. The child needs food, the child needs love: love is needed even more than food.

Have you watched it? If a child is given love he does not bother about food much. If the mother loves the child she is always worried that the child is not drinking as much milk as he should. But if the mother is non-loving then the child drinks too much milk. In fact it is difficult to take him away from the breast because the child becomes afraid: love is not there, he has to depend only on physical food - the subtle food is missing.

And this goes on happening in your whole life. Whenever you feel that you are missing love, you go on stuffing your body with food - it becomes a substitute. Whenever people feel empty and they don’t have that thrill that love brings, that zest that love brings, that energy that love releases, they start stuffing their body with food. They have fallen back to their childhood; they are in a regressed state.

Children who are given enough love are never addicted much to food. Their spirit is so full: the higher is available - who bothers about the lower?

Remember, all the religions have talked about fasting for a certain reason. Unless you are taken out of your food obsession prayer will not happen. Hence, fasting gives a great possibility to pray. I am not telling you to become a fast-addict. I am not telling you to start torturing yourself. But if you are a food-addict then fasting is the medicine. If you have been eating too much ten bring a balance. Eating too much you remain too attached to the physical.and you cannot fly into the sky. You are too burdened: a little fasting will be helpful. And in fasting people have observed that their prayer becomes very easy, simple; it is no more a problem. Because when you are not burdened too much by food and the body, the spirit is weightless, can fly: the spirit has wings..

The first and the fourth are related. And my experience is this: that if people are helped to be more loving they forget about food by and by. The old religions insist for fasting, I insist for love - and you can see the connection. The old religions insist for fasting, so that you can be taken away from your too-much-food obsession. I insist for love - my technique is more subtle. Then, without even becoming aware, if you are loving you will be taken away from your food obsession. The old religions sometimes can be dangerous, because the food-addict can turn into a fast-addict. He can become another sort of neurotic person: first he was eating too much, now he may start starving himself. In both the cases he remains concerned with food.

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