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Chapter 2: Matter and Consciousness Are One

A seed is lying in the soil; then a flower blossoms from it. To connect the flower and the seed, the tree has to build a trunk between them and grow branches around it. The flower is hidden in the seed; it does not come from outside, but to make it manifest, a connecting trunk is necessary. The trunk also stems from the seed, as does the flower. In the same way the seed force is lying within us. It needs a trunk to rise, and the trunk, too, is inside us.

The route through which the seed force travels upwards and reaches the flower, lies very close to what we call our spine. This flower has been called by various names. Those who have experienced it say it is like a thousand-petaled lotus. Something flowers, something blossoms in our brain, as if a thousand-petaled lotus has opened.

But for it to bloom, the energy has to rise from the base and reach the summit, the center in the brain. And when this energy starts to ascend, it will shake your whole being like an earthquake. This quaking has not to be stopped; rather you should cooperate with it.

Normally we would want to restrain it. Many people come and tell me that they are afraid of what is going to happen to them in meditation. But if you are afraid, no progress will be possible. Fear is the most irreligious state of mind. There is no greater sin than fear. It is perhaps the biggest rock around our neck which pulls us down.

And our fears are strange, and very petty at that. Some people come and tell me that they are afraid of what people around will say. Fear of people around you is such that it can prevent you from meeting your truth!

The civilized person has stopped laughing fully; he has also stopped crying. There is hardly any feeling or emotion which he experiences deeply. He always stands outside of such situations; he is always in a state of limbo. He is afraid as he laughs. He is afraid as he cries. As far as men are concerned, they have completely stopped crying. They have no idea that crying is one of the dimensions of life, a significant part of life.

We have no idea that a person who cannot weep and cry is missing something vital and basic in his life; that a part of his life is blocked forever, and that part will hang heavy on him like a rock.

Those who want to enter the realm of energy, those who want to go on a journey to the temple of supreme energy, will have to shed all fear, so if the body begins to tremble and shake or begins to dance, allow it to happen with ease and spontaneity.

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