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Chapter 14: We Are Here to Be Whole

Sometimes words take such a turn that suddenly you cannot see they are one. The first woman, you call Eve. In many languages she is called Eve. In Arabic she is called Hava. Now Hava and Eve seem to be two different words; they are not. Eve and Hava may seem very different, but if you go through all the intermediate steps: Eve, Eve, Hava - just one link, and you know this is the same language.

This is not true about South and North; their languages are not connected at all. They are totally different evolutions happening on the earth.

Gautam Buddha, Mahavira, Mohammed, Moses, Jesus - they are all born in the northern regions. All the religions are born in the North; there is nothing comparable in the South. All the scientists are born in the North; there is nothing comparable in the South.

The South is living at least five thousand years behind. They are still living in the world of magic - science is very far away. Even your so-called religions have not evolved there. If in the South there are Christians it is because you have converted them, bribed them with education, food, better clothing, better possibilities to rise higher on the ladder of prestige, power, respectability.

In the South there are Mohammedans; they have also been converted - at the point of the sword. Mohammedanism in a way is very straight and direct. Why go in roundabout ways: teaching, feeding, giving clothes, education, sending people to learn in England, in France, in America - too long a route. They take a shortcut. They just put their sword on your neck, and they say, “Decide. You can live only as a Mohammedan, so choose between Mohammedanism and death.” It is not a question of choosing between two religions, it is a question of choosing between Mohammedanism and death. And naturally, one chooses Mohammedanism.

You are asking me why people from Africa are not coming to me. Now, what can I do? You should go to Africa and ask those people!

But I can see why they are not coming. There is a gap of five thousand years between you and them. I am saying, “between you and them” - the gap between me and them is immeasurable, you cannot calculate it. Even the northern white people find a great gap between me and them - what to say about the poor black people of southern Africa? They are still worshipping the magician, they still believe in superstitions which were prevalent all over the world in the past. They are still groping in the dark.

The southern hemisphere needs to be transformed. But it is so difficult even to transform the northern people, who have been thinking for thousands of years, have created great philosophies, theologies, religions. You cannot name a single person from southern Africa who can be compared to Socrates, Plato, Aristotle. You cannot, because it has not happened. There has been no Kant, no Hegel, no Feuerbach. There has been no Martin Heidegger, Jaspers, Jean-Paul Sartre. And to understand me, you need this whole background.

It will look strange to you, that what I am criticizing continually and destroying continually is a basic need as a background to understand me.

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