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Chapter 5: Pure Non-Zense

A disciple of the devil came running and told the devil, “What are you doing here? Our whole business is at risk - a man has just now found truth on the earth. We should go and do something! If he spreads the message we will lose all our clients, all our customers.”

The devil laughed and he said, “You are new; you don’t know that there is no need to worry at all. I know one man has found the truth, but I need not go there. My agents are already there.”

The disciple said, “But I have not seen any of your agents there, I have not seen any of my colleagues there.”

The devil said, “My agents are in disguise. The priests that are chanting mantras around the man, they are my agents! They have reached; now they will stand between him and the people. They will become the interpreters, they will distort the truth, they will create a thousand and one mythologies around it, they will create many fictions.”

Your so-called religions are nothing but religious fictions. Just as there are science fictions there are religious fictions! Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism are all creations of the priests, the agents of the devil.

Mahavira is not the founder of Jainism. In fact, the story is that Mahavira himself never spoke, he remained silent. But there were people who used to speak, and they would say that they are in some inner communion with Mahavira. Mahavira is speaking to them in a subtle language which is not heard by anybody else except them, and they are making it available to the people. These people were called gandharis, apostles of Mahavira. They created the whole structure of Jainism; Mahavira had nothing to do with it.

I used to know one of such men. In this very city, just a few years back, lived one of the most glorious men who have ever walked on the earth; his name was Meher Baba. For thirty-three years he remained silent; he lived in silence for thirty-three years and died in silence.

But one man, Adi K. Irani, used to tell people what Baba is saying to him, what he is communicating to him in some invisible way. Irani has written all the books which you come across in the name of Meher Baba. Now, this is the priest.and the priests are very crafty.

You are asking me: “Please talk about the Antichrist.”

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