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Chapter 8: The Head and the Heart

Sannyas makes no conditions on you. Everybody is welcome - sinner and saint, legal experts, lawbreakers, virtuous people, criminals - all are welcome. Sannyas makes no precondition, although it will be a little difficult for you. But that is your problem, not my problem. If you belong to the legal profession and have a very legal mind then it is going to be a little difficult for you. So what? Accept it as a challenge. Let it be difficult. In fact, the more difficult it is, the more challenging it is, the more interesting, intriguing it should be, the more attractive it should be. When something is very simple, who wants to do it? When something is difficult it provokes a challenge in you, it provokes intelligence in you.

It is difficult, certainly difficult for a person who has a legal mind because a legal mind means a cunning mind. It is not necessarily intelligent; in fact, if it is intelligent it will not be cunning. Cunningness is a poor substitute for intelligence. And the legal profession is the most cunning profession in the world.

It is known that Jesus moved with drunkards and gamblers and even a prostitute, but I have not heard that he moved with legal experts. In fact, the Jewish rabbi is nothing but a legal expert because the Jewish religion is more or less law and less of a religion. It is more or less a legal code. It does not have much metaphysics, it does not have great flights; it is very earthly. It tells you in detail what to do and what not to do. Those ten commandments - that may have been the beginning of the legal profession.

You can become a sannyasin. Even if the desire has arisen in you there seems to be a spark of intelligence. Behind all your cunningness there must be a little fire still left.

Don’t be worried. Come into this orange fire - it burns everything; it will burn you too. It consumes everything; it will consume the legal expert too - only if you are ready to be consumed, if you are ready to drop your cunningness, because that will have to be dropped. Not that I say it is a condition, but as you become a sannyasin and as you move into meditation you will start becoming more and more intelligent and then, naturally, as a by-product, cunningness disappears.

If the legal profession disappears from the world, ninety percent of cunningness will disappear with it. It is the people who know the law who go on creating confusion.

One of my Vice-Chancellors was a great law expert, a world-renowned law expert. He used to tell again and again that once it happened that he was fighting a case for an Indian maharajah in the Privy Council. And he was such a drunkard.on the last night he had drunk too much, the hangover was still there, so he forgot whether he was against the maharajah or for the maharajah. So for one hour he spoke against the maharajah! The maharajah was perspiring, his assistants were trembling: “What is he doing?” And in the tea break they told him, “What have you done? You have destroyed our client! Now there is no way to save him.”

He said, “What has happened?”

“You have been speaking against our own client!”

He said, “Don’t be worried, there is still time.”

And then when the court started again he said, “You heard me, Your Honor, for one hour. Thank you for your patience, because I was only giving all those arguments that are possible from the opposite side. Now I will defend my client.”