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Chapter 2: There Is No Self, No Other

The master lives in a totally different reality. The psychotherapist lives in the same reality where you live. There is no qualitative difference between you and the psychotherapist; between the patient and the doctor there is no qualitative difference. The difference is that of knowledge, that of quantity. He knows more than you know, but he is not more than you are! He is exactly at the same level. He is worried with the same anxieties. He is troubled by the same nightmares.

Sigmund Freud himself remained obsessed with the fear of death his whole life. How is he going to help? And he is the founder of psychoanalysis. How is he going to help? All his help can only be a pretension. He himself is trembling. He was so afraid of death that even to mention the word death was enough.and he would start perspiring. Just the mention of ghosts was enough.and he would fall in a swoon. And it was not only so with him.

Carl Gustav Jung was exactly the same. He was so afraid of death that he could not see a dead body. He always wanted to go to Egypt to see the ancient mummies. He was very much interested in the occult, and certainly the pyramids of Egypt have great keys of occult knowledge, and those mummies are carrying some great messages to be deciphered and decoded. He had become aware of it. He wanted to go, and many times he tried to go but never could he manage. He would fall ill. Whenever he would arrange to go to Egypt he would fall ill - just the idea of seeing the dead mummies, three thousand years old, was enough to shake him to the very roots. Slowly, slowly he became aware that whenever he made the arrangement he fell ill - that illness was psychological.

Once it happened: somehow he dragged himself to the airport; even though he had a fever out of his fear, he went to the airport - but could not manage to enter into the airplane. From the airport he rushed back home. He became so frightened that he dropped the whole idea forever, and he never went to Egypt to see those mummies. And he was very much interested in them.

Now, how are these people going to help?

A master knows there is no death - not only knows through others but through his own experience. He has looked deep into his life, and death has disappeared like a fog - evaporated. A master is one who is absolutely free, not only from pathological psychology but is free of psychology itself, is free of mind. He has cut the very root of all pathologies.

With the psychotherapist your relationship is that of a patient and doctor. It is not intimate - it cannot be. It is professional. With the master your relationship is that of love; it is not professional. It is intimate. It is the most intimate relationship there is. Yes, not even between lovers does such intimacy exist as exists between a master and a disciple. It is a marriage. And such a marriage where not only bodies, not only minds, but two beings meet.

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