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Chapter 26: Because of Love, We Are Together

My message is: it is time now, man is mature enough to come out of these half-hearted, lopsided patterns. These programs have to be dropped and changed. One should accept the outer and the inner both, and totally, and with no conditions at all. Then there will be consciousness and there will be love, and they will not be contradictory to each other but complementary. Love will give you joy, consciousness will give you crystallization. Consciousness will make you aware of who you are, and love will make you aware of what this world is. And between these two banks, the river of life flows. I teach the whole man.

This is one of the most fundamental things to be understood - then all else will become easy, then things will be simple. This is the base. I teach the world and I teach God, and I teach them in the same breath. I want to bring Epicurus and Buddha as close as possible. Buddha is sitting under his tree; you cannot conceive of Buddha dancing. Epicurus is dancing in his garden; you cannot conceive of Epicurus sitting silently under a tree, meditating. I would like Epicurus and Buddha to become one.

Life should be a rhythm of dance and silence, of music and sound and silence. Life should be a rhythm of going out as far as possible and going in as far as possible, because God is both. Close your eyes and you see God, open your eyes and you see God, because God is all there is.

You ask me, “Can you give me a message to take to the Western world so that people there might understand you and your followers?”

The people who are with me are not my followers. They are my lovers, but not my followers. They are my friends, but not my followers. They are my disciples, but not my followers.

And what is the difference between a disciple and a follower? A follower believes: whatsoever is said, he makes a dogma out of it. The disciple listens, learns, experiments, and unless he finds the truth himself he remains open.

I am not giving any dogma to my friends here, to my sannyasins. All that I am doing here is helping them to understand themselves. All I am doing here is helping them to be themselves.

A follower imitates. A Christian has to imitate Christ and a Buddhist has to imitate Buddha - and all imitators are pseudo. I want my friends to be authentic. How can you follow me? I am so different from you and you are so different from me. You are so unique. There has never been a person like you and there will never be again. God only creates one person once. He is very innovative, he does not repeat. He does not make man on an assembly line. It is not like Fiat cars or Ford cars: you can see thousands and thousands alike, exactly alike. God always creates the unique. Go into the garden: you will not find two grass leaves the same. Not even identical twins are the same. So how can you follow anybody? All following is wrong.

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