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Chapter 7: A Diamond Hidden in an Onion

Who Jesus will prove to be to you depends on you. He is a response, he reflects you. Remember this. Because of this, many complexities have arisen. Many people will give you different reports - and they all are true, and no one is totally true. They all talk only of facets, parts of Jesus that have been revealed to them; hence so many stories..

Buddha died and immediately there was great turmoil in his followers. The sangha divided into many parts. The community could not remain one because there were different reports - as if Buddha was not one man but many. He was one, absolutely one, but he reflected so many people that they had known him in different ways: according to their capacity, according to their receptivity, according to their readiness. They all said different things - not only different, but quite contradictory to each other. The community had to divide.

The same happened with Mahavira. The community had to divide. The same happened with Jesus. The community could not remain one. And the reason is that Jesus is different to different people. He has to be; he is just a pure mirror. You come and he reveals your face to yourself. He exists so that you can realize yourself. He has no other idea to force upon you. He has no idea at all. He is simply a helper. If you come to him in search of knowledge, he will reveal that to you. If you come to him in search of love, you will be benefited by his compassion and love. If you come to him as a sinner, he will give you salvation. But it depends on you; he echoes you.

This has to be understood, then these sutras will be very simple.

And the disciples came,
and said unto him,
“Why speakest thou
unto them in parables?”

The disciples were noticing that whenever he talks to the masses, he always talks in parables; whenever he talks to them in privacy, he talks differently.

It has to be so. A disciple is different. A disciple is one who has committed his all. He is not just a follower. A follower is one who is impressed - and still hesitating. And the ordinary masses are neither followers nor disciples. They may be curious to know who this man is, they may be intrigued by this man, they may be amused by this man. A few of them may become followers later on and a few of the followers may become disciples later on - but the mass is still not related to him.

They have come to him as curiosity-seekers, just by the way. Somebody has told them, “Here comes Jesus. A great man, the son of God!” and they have become interested. They may lose interest again, they may go on their paths and forget everything about him - or at the most, he may remain a beautiful memory - but will not be a transformation to them.

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