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Chapter 22: My Experience Is of the Wordless

If all the religions of the world are dissolved - they need to be dissolved, because they are calamities and cancers on human consciousness and its growth; they are distractions, deceptions - then there will be only a few religious human beings here and there in the dark night, like stars, showing and giving you a strength that what is possible for another human being is also possible for you. What is hidden in one individual is also hidden in you. It is your hidden splendor. Somebody has become aware of it and you are fast asleep.

And religiousness has nothing to do with being orthodox. Certainly it cannot be orthodox. “Orthodox” means following the tradition, following others, following the heritage, following the old and the dead. It is not even not orthodox, it is fresh. It is not against the orthodox, it is not anti-orthodox, it is simply fresh.

Just watch a roseflower growing - do you think it is following a program that other roseflowers have followed? Or is it absolutely fresh? It knows nothing about the other roseflowers. Millions of roseflowers have been before it, millions will be after it, but as far as its existence is concerned, it is fresh, unique, in the present, neither against the past nor for. It has no concern with the past.

So not only is a religious person unorthodox, he is so fresh that he will not be even unorthodox. To be orthodox is out of the question. He will be simply himself.

And you are asking, Maneesha, “.and it will always be inspired by a love union, rather than born out of a legalized contract.”

It is good poetry, but the truth is, it is not a union, either out of love or out of a legalized marriage. It is a discovery of that which is already the case inside you. You have it and you have forgotten it. Certainly it can be closer to a love affair than to a marriage. But in truth it is simply itself, not a union with any entity. It is a remembrance of oneself.

Certainly the so-called religions go on calling other religions illegitimate.because they are not born out of an unmarried woman and the Holy Ghost! But every other religion thinks in the same way: “others are illegitimate.” The truth is they are all illegitimate, because truth is not a marriage and truth is not a birth. Truth is already in existence, only you have not opened your eyes.

But certainly the religions, which are all orthodox, are bound to think about others.

For example I have been asked hundreds of times to what religion I belong.

I said, “It is strange, why should I belong to any religion? I belong to myself.”

And the people who have asked me felt very strange when I answered because their idea was, your religion has to be legitimate: are you a Mohammedan, a Christian? Then they are satisfied, but if you are no one they feel a little strange about you. They feel you are a lost soul. You should belong to some religion to have the label of legitimacy.

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