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Chapter 10: All Problems Are Unreal

Allow this feeling of “I” to disappear, and you need not do anything else. Just allow it to disappear.because it is such a false thing it has to be continuously created, only then it remains. You have to cooperate with it every moment. It is just like a cyclist goes on pedaling the bicycle: if he stops, the cycle will stop. The cycle needs continuous pedaling. The ego needs continuous cooperation. You need not do anything against it; you simply become alert and don’t cooperate. Be alert, go on watching how the ego arises, how subtle are its ways. Just watch, don’t cooperate - that’s enough: ego dies of starvation, the cycle stops. Without your pedaling, it cannot continue.

When you come to me and ask how to stop the ego you are like the cyclist who goes on pedaling and goes on screaming and asking people on the road, “How to stop!” and goes on pedaling. Don’t pedal. The cycle cannot continue on its own; your help is needed.

Your misery exists because you help it. Your suffering exists because you are behind it, feeding it. Your hell exists with your cooperation. Once you understand it, the cooperation dissolves; you are no longer part of the whole miserable game; you stand aside and watch. Sudden explosion - there is no longer any ego, no longer any cycle, nothing to pedal. That is the moment when the bridge has been crossed.

The second question:

Sometimes you say that it is possible for a master and disciple, for two lovers, to meet being to being. And sometimes you say that we are totally alone and it is impossible to ever be together.
Is wanting to meet another - being to being - a desire, a fiction of the mind that has to be dropped?
Please explain if you can.

Yes, it is difficult to explain. All explanations are difficult, because in the first place the problems are false. How to explain a problem when it is false? You are asking something absurd; the explanation becomes difficult. So it is right - all problems are difficult to explain. In fact, when you understand, there is no problem; when you don’t understand, there is a problem. So a problem cannot be solved, and I am not trying to solve your problems here; I am not a party at all to your foolishness. I am trying to impart understanding to you, not trying to solve your problems. They cannot be solved, because they are absolutely absurd.

All your problems are like a person who has a high fever - one hundred seven degrees - and goes on asking foolish things. He says, “Why is this chair flying in the sky?” How to explain it? His fever can be brought down, that’s the only way. That’s what I am doing; that’s what my whole effort is about: to bring your fever a little down. If you understand, when the fever comes down, the chair flies no more. Then you start laughing at yourself, at how foolish you were.

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