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Chapter 1: Never Be the First in the World

Whatsoever you are and whatsoever you are doing, don’t get stuck there. Move on. Unless you reach to total absolute silence where you have disappeared, the other has disappeared, and only love flows, without there being a lover or a beloved - only then has it become the ultimate flowering of the lotus: love flowering, with no lover, no beloved; both the shores have disappeared, only the river remains. And when the shores disappear - the river becomes the ocean.

Now, try to follow the very potent, pregnant sutra of Lao Tzu.

All the world says: My teaching, Tao, greatly resembles folly.

Love always looks foolish: foolish to those who are stuck somewhere, foolish to those who have not known anything higher than their body, foolish to those who have not known anything valuable other than money, foolish to those who have not known anything paradoxical, who, in fact, have not known anything mysterious, who have lived with logic, who are Aristotelian.

It is said that Aristotle’s master, Plato, used to call Aristotle “The Mind.” That was his name for Aristotle - The Mind. Whenever he wanted to ask, Where is Aristotle? he would ask, Where is The Mind?

Those who are just minds - heart is a folly to them because heart has its own reasons which the mind cannot understand. The heart has its own dimension of being, which is completely dark for the mind. Heart is higher and deeper than the mind, beyond the reach of it. It looks foolish. Love always looks foolish because love is not utilitarian. Mind is utilitarian. It uses everything for something else - that is the meaning of being utilitarian. Mind is purposive, end-oriented. it turns everything into a means; and love cannot be turned into a means - that is the problem. Love in itself is the goal.

If you love a person you don’t say why you love them. You can’t answer the question, Why do you love? You simply shrug your shoulders. If you are really honest you will say, I don’t know. If you are dishonest you can find a thousand and one reasons. But no lover worth the name has ever been able to show any reason. He simply says, It happened. I just fell into love, I don’t know why! That’s why the mind says it is foolish. If you can’t answer the why you must be moving in some foolish way: Stop! Come back! Be reasonable!

And I must tell you one thing: If you try always to be reasonable you can never be happy because happiness has something unreasonable in it. The very ingredient of being happy is to be unreasonable. If you can be unreasonably happy, only then can you be happy, otherwise not. If you try to find out the reason then you will simply be miserable. Misery has reasons, happiness has none. You can answer: Why are you miserable? but you cannot answer: Why are you happy? Always you are miserable because of you. And always you are happy in spite of you. It has no reason to it. The “why” cannot be answered. And heart is not arithmetic, it is poetry, paradoxical! It moves from one extreme to another. It comprehends all extremes. It is so vast, it contains all the contradictions in it.

Says Lao Tzu:

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