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Chapter 6: Anxiety or Anguish?

Buffaloes, horses, donkeys, elephants - they don’t feel anxiety within their program. Yes, anger they can feel if you obstruct them. Destructive they can be, violent they can be if you misbehave with them. They all have a certain code of conduct. If you just keep to yourself without interfering with their territorial imperative.. For example, every elephant has its own territory. If you enter his territory you will be in danger. If you just keep out of the territory, and that territory you don’t know - but the elephant knows.once you enter his territory you are in danger, you have trespassed.

Anger they can feel. Superior, inferior they can feel. Just go to a tree in which many monkeys are sitting, and you will be surprised: the boss is sitting on the highest branch, and on the lowest branches are the servants. The boss has all the beautiful ladies. He may be old, he may not be able to reproduce any more, but the boss is after all the boss.

The younger generation, many times, kills the old monkey for the simple reason that he is obstructing them from reaching the ladies, and while he is alive he won’t let anybody approach the ladies. He has a harem; whether he is in a state to reproduce or not - he does not bother about that. His kingdom, his chiefhood, depends on how many ladies he has got.

It is from the monkeys that Sigmund Freud got the idea that sometime a younger generation must have killed some old man who was possessing all the beautiful ladies. The younger people were getting, of course, angry: “It is time for this man to die!” But he was not dying, and he was not allowing them either..

Sigmund Freud’s idea of God is that because the younger people killed the father, they felt guilty.. He was their father, their boss, and they had killed him just for the women. Now, two conclusions - Sigmund Freud has drawn only one conclusion.. I am surprised how he missed the second, which was more likely to be drawn by him, but even geniuses are fallible.

Sigmund Freud drew one conclusion: that because of killing the father they felt guilty, and to compensate for the guilt - just to get rid of it - they started worshipping the relics of the father, maybe his bones, his dead body that they had buried. They made a small memorial, and they started worshipping, otherwise his spirit may take revenge, his ghost may take revenge. And they knew that he was a strict man and very jealous, and that to fool with his ladies.. His ghost can create trouble for you. So sacrifice something, worship him, ask his forgiveness, and confess your sin.

Sigmund Freud derived the whole of Christianity, the whole of religion in fact, from the idea that God the father is really father the God.

First the father was killed, and just to console his ghost they made him God the father. They said, “You are still our boss; even from here we are under you, we are your servants, your worshippers. And forgive us, it was foolish of us, but young people are foolish. You are experienced, you know everything; we hope you will forgive us.” This is the way religion must have started - that’s the conclusion of Freud. There are no historical facts about it but there is every possibility he is right.

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