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Chapter 16: A Trusting Heart

It is like when you fall in love with someone - there is no logic or reason for it. If someone wants to argue with you, you will not be able to give any logical reasons for it and whatever reasons you may give will be meaningless. For example, you may say that the person you love is very beautiful - but that person does not look beautiful to others, only to you. The reality is quite the opposite: you don’t love the person because he or she is beautiful, the person looks beautiful because you love. It is your love which makes the person beautiful. Beauty is not an objective phenomenon, it is the feeling of your heart. You don’t love the beautiful, whoever you love becomes beautiful. Love gives beauty to everything.

The one who is surrounded by love becomes beautiful. This is why the beloved looks beautiful only to the lover and to anyone else she may not look beautiful. No argument will prove the reason for your love. And whatever reasons you may give are only invented by you later on. First love happens, then you think, you try to rationalize and give reasons for it. But has anyone ever fallen in love with mathematical calculations, that first he thinks about everything, settles all the pros and cons, gives reasons and thinks about the end result? A person first falls in love and then later on finds reasons, so the reasons which are found later on cannot be the real reasons or they would also have been there from the beginning.

The phenomenon of love is not the result of logic, it is a happening of the heart. “Happening of the heart” means that you can experience it but you cannot explain it. Your whole being says, “Yes, it is,” but you cannot make anyone else understand it. No answer can be given for it, but still you will be ready to die for it. The happening of the heart means that you are ready to die for something that you cannot explain. If you are ready to lose your life for something, then that something is certainly more valuable to you than your life. Love possesses you, but still you cannot give any reason for it. But a logician will not give his life for anything because no one would sacrifice his life just for some syllogism, for some process of logic.

Galileo was the first to say that the Earth goes around the sun, that the sun does not go around the Earth. This was a logical conclusion and was absolutely correct, but Christianity opposed it. Rome was against it and the whole network of Christianity around the world was not ready to accept Galileo’s discovery, because it is written in the Bible that the sun goes around the Earth. People around the world had been believing that the sun goes around the Earth - and it does seem to be that way. The sun rises in the East in the morning and sets in the West in the evening and then again it rises in the East: the sun seems to be going around the Earth. Even after Galileo, all the languages of the world have continued using the same words, sunrise and sunset. But the sun neither rises nor sets, only the Earth turns. The sun stays where it is, it does not rise or set and the Earth goes around it.

When Galileo said this for the first time he proved it logically, but the Pope summoned him and told him, “You had better ask for forgiveness, otherwise your life is finished.” So Galileo had to kneel down and ask for forgiveness.

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