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Chapter 5: Of Redemption

Of course, those fictions are very profitable to the priests. They have not bothered to butcher humanity into fragments, because these fictions serve their interests perfectly well. A healthy and whole man, a man who is not divided into fragments, cannot be enslaved by the priests. Only a man who is suffering needs prayer - in the hope that perhaps God may help him. For God to exist, man has to suffer. To make God more and more a reality, man has to become more and more schizophrenic.

The more man is in pain, the more easily he can be convinced to pray, to do religious rituals, because he wants to get rid of the pain. He can be convinced about the saviors, messengers of God, prophets. But a man who is living blissfully, living a life of joy, does not need any God. A man who is living life does not need any prayer. It is the sickness of man’s mind that is absolutely needed for the priests and their profession.

Zarathustra is not a priest. He is perhaps one of the first psychologists to have discovered the schizophrenic state of the human mind.

He says:

Truly, my friends, I walk among men as among the fragments and limbs of men!

It is so difficult to find a man who is whole; everybody is just a fragment. Somebody is spiritual, he denies his body; somebody is materialist, he denies his soul. The spiritualist not only denies the body, he also denies the mind.

All theologies are very jealous and very monopolistic. In America, at the end of the last century, there was a great religious movement called Christian Science. They believed only in the soul. Everything else is just an illusion - just your thought, there is no reality in it. They had their own churches where they used to meet to discuss their great philosophy.

A young man met an old woman on the street one day, and the old woman said, “What happened to your father? - because he is not coming to our meetings any more.”

The young man said, “He has been sick.”

The woman laughed. She said, “Sickness is just a thought. He thinks he is sick; otherwise how can the soul be sick? Tell him that this is not right for a Christian Scientist.”

After two, three weeks again she encountered the young man, and she asked, “What happened? He is still not coming to the meetings.”

The young man said, “Lady, what can I do? Now he thinks he is dead! We tried to convince him, ‘It is only your thought, you are not dead,’ but he does not listen. We reminded him, ‘You are a Christian Scientist, it is not right for you to believe in a thought. Start breathing!’ But he believes in his thought so much that we had to take him to the graveyard. There was no way..”

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