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Chapter 15: The Three Rings of Love

A man was consulting an astrologer. He was very skeptical of the whole thing. Just out of curiosity and to prove the astrologer wrong, he said, “You are talking about faraway things, past lives, future lives.I want to ask you a simple question. This is your test piece: can you tell me where my father is at this very moment?”

The man closed his eyes and said, “Your father has gone fishing.”

He said, “I knew already that you are cheating people. My father is dead; he has been dead for four years. How can he go fishing?”

The astrologer said, “The man you think is dead was not your father. Your father has gone fishing, just go and ask your mother.”

To make it a certainty and a guarantee that your son is your son the whole problem of bondage and contract and relationship, and doubts and jealousies, and fights and fears.the whole mess has descended on humanity for this stupid reason. It does not matter who owns what, when you are in your grave. Your palace and your money.what difference does it make? Just an ego trip, a very deep ego trip.. When I say surrender to love I am saying that loving is enough, don’t make it a relationship. I am absolutely against marriage. Marriage is one of the causes of human misery, one of the most fundamental causes. And unless man drops this whole idea of marriage he cannot drop jealousy, he cannot drop fighting; the wife cannot drop nagging and questioning and inquiring.

A man was tired because the wife would somehow always find out that he has been with a woman. Women have a very intuitive approach towards life. The man may deny, “I have not been.” but the fragrance from his coat shows that he has been with a woman; it is not the fragrance that he uses or is used in his house. Or just a hair on his coat will be enough proof..

So the man consulted a psychiatrist, “What should I do? Every day it is a problem and she finds something somehow and humiliates me, tortures me. Her way of torture is very simple. Whenever I say that I want to make love to her, she turns to the other side and says, ‘I’m suffering from a headache.’“

This headache has been so much of a problem to the husbands. The wife is suffering from a headache, but the real headache is happening to the husband.

The psychiatrist said, “How does she find out?”

The man said, “She has thousands of ways to find out. There is a time limit and if I don’t come home within that time limit, then ‘Where have you been?’ is the first question on entering the house. I have to think continuously where I have been! That question has to be answered and I know that she is not going to believe it, because I myself don’t believe it. There is no authority in saying it, no sincerity. I cannot look her in the eyes and say that I have been with friends or I have been at the Lions Club.

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