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Chapter 5: Understanding Emotions

You should find out what influences your emotions, what moves your emotions. Is it true that instead of friendliness, enmity and hostility are more prominent in your life? Is it true that instead of friendliness you are more easily moved by enmity, by hostility? Are you more easily impressed by it? Are you more easily triggered by it? Do you get more energy from it? As I said earlier anger has energy, but friendliness also has energy. Someone who only knows how to generate the energy of anger will miss a major dimension in his life. Someone who has not learned how to awaken the energy of friendliness is someone who is powerful only in hostile situations and becomes weak in friendly situations.

You might not be aware that all the nations in the world become weaker during times of peace, and during times of war they become more powerful. Why? - because they don’t know how to create the energy of friendliness. Silence is not a strength for you, it is a weakness. This is the reason why India, a nation that has talked so much about peace and love, became so powerless - because ordinarily the only way to feel strength is to be hostile.

Hitler wrote in his autobiography: If you want to make a nation powerful then pretend that you have enemies or create real enemies. Tell the nation that there are enemies everywhere, even if there are not. When people believe that they are surrounded by enemies it will generate much strength and energy.

This is why Hitler pretended that the Jews were the enemy - it was not true - and for ten years he preached and explained to the whole country that, “The Jews are our enemies and we will have to protect ourselves from them.” Much energy was generated. All of Germany’s strength came out of hostility, all of Japan’s strength came out of hostility. Today, the power of America and Russia also comes out of hostility.

Up to now the history of mankind shows that we only know how to generate the energy of enmity; we don’t know about the energy of friendliness. Mahavira, Buddha and Christ laid the foundations for the energy of friendliness. They have said that non-violence is power. Christ said “Love is power”; Buddha said “Compassion is power.” You hear it, but you don’t understand.

So I say to you, think about your life. When do you feel powerful? - is it when you feel animosity towards someone or is it when you are feeling peaceful and full of love towards someone? And you will see that you feel powerful in hostile conditions; and when you are in a state of awareness and silence you become powerless and weak. This means that you are being ruled by impure emotion. And the stronger the impure emotions are, the less you can enter within yourself.

What is it that prevents you from entering within yourself? Try to understand this very important point. Your hostility is always focused on the outside; this means that hostility happens towards someone who is outside of you. If there were no one on the outside hostility could not arise in you.

But I tell you that love is not focused on the outside: even if there is no one on the outside love can still happen within you. Love is intrinsic, friendliness is intrinsic. Hostility needs the other, it is related to the other. Hatred is triggered by the outside, love wells up inside. The spring of love flows from within, the reaction of hatred is provoked from without. Impure emotions are created on the outside, pure emotions flow from within.

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