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Chapter 1: God Is a Puppeteer

But unfortunately the West has not learned the lesson even now. It goes on working so hard on the objects. Even one tenth of our energy will be enough to find the inner truth.

Even an Albert Einstein dies in deep frustration. The frustration was so great that before he died he was asked, “If you are born again, what are you going to be?”

He said, “Never again a physicist. Rather, I would like to be a plumber.”

The greatest physicist the world has known dies in such frustration that he does not want anything to do with physics, anything to do with science. He wants a simple job, just like a plumber.

But even that is not going to help. If physics has not helped, if mathematics has not helped, if such a great intelligence as Albert Einstein dies in frustration, being a plumber is not going to help. Still you are outside. A scientist may be too deeply involved, a plumber may not be that much involved, but he is still working outside. Being a plumber is not going to give him what he needs. He needs the silence of meditation. From that silence flowers meaning, significance, a tremendous joy that you are not accidental.

I say unto you, that what I am teaching you is authentic existentialism, and what in the West is thought to be existentialism is only accidentalism. I am teaching you how to come in contact with existence, how to find out where you are connected, wired up with existence. From where are you getting your life moment to moment? From where is your intelligence coming? If existence is unintelligent, how can you be intelligent? From where will you get it?

When you see the roseflowers blossoming, have you ever thought that all this color, all this softness, all this beauty was hidden somewhere in the seed? But the seed alone was not enough to become a rose; it needed the support of existence - that is the soil, the water, the sun. Then the seed disappeared into the soil and the rosebush started growing. Now it needs air, it needs water, it needs the earth, it needs the sun, it needs the moon. All these together transform the seed which was almost like a dead piece of stone. Suddenly, a transformation, a metamorphosis.

These roses: these colors, this beauty, this fragrance, cannot come to them unless existence has them already. It may be hidden, it may be covered in a seed, but anything that happens means it was there already, maybe as a potential.

You have intelligence.

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