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Chapter 27: This I Call “The Razor’s Edge”

He tried it again, but again the same thing: “I want a great palace to be made.” The shell said, “No, I will make two palaces.” The tired man said, “Okay, make two.” But the seashell laughed and he said, “No, not less than four.”

It is just like your false personality: it goes on promising but it never delivers anything. And the people you are with, they are in the same track. They also go on promising - because the false is very articulate in promising, but absolutely incapable of giving anything.

Between two real persons there is no need of any promise. The real persons are overflowing with joy, overflowing with blissfulness. Before you ask, you receive; before you knock, the doors are opened; before you seek, you have already found it.

That is the quality of the real. The search here in this mystery school is how to get rid of the false, which is not yours, and to find out that which you have brought with yourself from the womb of existence itself. Your mother’s womb was only representative of the existential womb.

The discovery of oneself in its total reality is so ecstatic and so eternal that you cannot conceive there can be more blissfulness, more benediction. The desire for more disappears, because you cannot even conceive that more is possible. The false goes on asking for more. Neither it gives anything, nor does it receive anything; it is a beggar. The real is an emperor.

So remember, all that you are right now is just a thick layer of falseness around you. In your thoughts you are false, in your feelings you are false, in your actions you are false. And you are not responsible for it; you have been prepared, disciplined with great skill, education. Almost one third of the life of a man is wasted in making him false. But you can drop it in a second, in a split second - just a sheer understanding: “This is borrowed, others have given it to me. It is not my own intrinsic nature.”

Drop it! There will be a little fear, because with it your safety, your security, your respectability will also disappear. But something greater will come: your authenticity, which is such a tremendous fulfillment that only in that fulfillment does one come to know the tremendous meaning and significance of life.

So just watch. Whatever you find is borrowed, drop it. The moment you become empty of everything that was borrowed you will become the light of the world, a light unto yourself and to others.

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