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Chapter 15: The Logic of the Ostrich

You are not being fair; you are simply taking revenge. If you were fair, you would send the murderer to a psychiatric home to be taken care of. Something is wrong in his mind, something is wrong in his psychology for which he is not responsible. He can be treated.

Not only am I against the death penalty, I am against all kinds of punishment, because punishment does not change the person; in fact it makes him a harder criminal.

Every crime is basically something to do with psychology. The man’s mind is not in the right shape; he needs care, he needs compassion. He needs the support of society so he can return into the society with dignity and respect.

Up to now we have been very murderous, we have been barbarous. Civilization has not happened yet. The death penalty and all kinds of punishment simply prove our barbarous approaches.

A civilized humanity will treat people who are criminals. They need to be sent to the hospitals, psychiatric hospitals, not to the jails.

What kind of future do you wish for the most?

A future where every individual is absolutely free from religion, from nation, from race, from color, where every individual is given equal opportunity to grow into whatsoever he wants. A future where no marriage exists, where love is the only law, children are taken care of by the community, and people can be together as long as they love. The moment they feel the breeze of love has passed, they can depart in friendship, in gratitude. A future where people will not be exploited by religion, by politics, where people will be allowed to be happy and rejoicing.

Misery should be thought to be unnatural, and blissfulness should be thought natural - where people will be singing and laughing and dancing.

I don’t want anybody to hope for a paradise beyond death.

I want us to create paradise herenow, on this beautiful earth. This is the only place in this vast universe where life exists, where consciousness exists, and where a few people have been able to become Gautam Buddhas.

I would like everybody to reach to those heights of Gautam Buddha, of Lao Tzu, Zarathustra, so that all fear of death disappears and everybody knows that his inner being is part of eternity.