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Chapter 8: God Is Not a Solution but a Problem

If evolution becomes impossible, life loses all meaning, life loses all future: then it has only a past. It is not unnatural that religious people are constantly past-oriented; they only have the past. Everything has already been done; there is nothing to be done in the future, the future is empty, blank - and yet you have to live in that future. Everything that had to happen, happened four thousand and four years before Jesus was born. After that there has been no addition, no evolution, no development.

God created the world just as a potter creates a pot, a dead thing out of mud. But remember, the potter can destroy the pot any moment. If you give the power of creation to God, you are simultaneously giving the power of un-creation too. These are the implications that have not been looked into. God can un-create. April Fools’ Day comes every year; any year on the first of April he can un-create. At the most it may take six days again.

The very idea that you have been created makes you a thing; it takes away your being. You can be a being only if there is no God. God and you as a being cannot coexist. That’s why I say I am sure God does not exist, because I see beings everywhere.

The presence of beings is enough proof that God does not exist, cannot exist. Either you can exist or God can exist; you cannot both exist. The person who starts believing in God, is unknowingly losing his beinghood; he is becoming a thing. So there are Christian things, Hindu things, Mohammedan things, but not beings. They have dropped their being of their own accord; they have given their being to God.

The fiction has become alive, and the alive has become a fiction. I am simply putting things right side up. When I say God does not exist, I have no grudge against God. I don’t care a bit about God, whether he exists or not - it is none of my business.

When I say God does not exist, my purpose is to give you your lost beinghood; to show you that you are not a thing created arbitrarily by somebody. Why did he decide, on a certain day, four thousand and four years before Jesus was born, to create the world? What caused the idea of creation? Was there something else that was forcing him to create? Was there some serpent seducing him to create? Why on a certain day, and not before? I want you to see the point. It is arbitrary, whimsical. If the story is true, God is insane. What was he doing for the whole of eternity? The idea of creation came so late to him.

The very idea of creation makes us arbitrary, whimsical, whereas evolution is not arbitrary or whimsical. Evolution is eternal; it has always been going on. There was not a time when existence was not; there will never be a time when existence will not be:

Existence means eternity.

God makes everything silly, small, arbitrary, meaningless, whimsical. Just that old man - and he must have been really old, really, really old - and then this idea of creation came to him, and in six days he completed it. That’s why the popes were against Charles Darwin: “You are saying that it is not yet completed, it is evolving. You are against the Bible, the Holy Scriptures. You are against God, against the idea of creation.”

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