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Chapter 34: Not to Be: the Greatest Ecstasy

He has taken pictures of people who are going to be sick, or die, and he has caught their future. He has told people, “You are going to have cancer.” The experts are simply at a loss, because there are no symptoms at all, the man is perfectly healthy; there is no indication that he is going to have cancer. They have tried every experiment to find any far-fetched idea of it, but they have not been able to find anything that indicates a cancer. But Kirlian says, “Within six months this man is going to have cancer, his photograph says it” - and in six months’ time that man develops cancer. Certainly this cancer was in existence somewhere, somewhere in the physiology of the man; we just don’t have the instruments and the ability to look into the future.

Kirlian has taken photographs of people who are going to die and he has said, “This man is going to die because his picture shows him as dead.” And the man is full of life, at the peak of his youth. The whole idea that he is going to die seems to be absurd.

At first the doctors simply rejected Kirlian as a madman. How can photographs be taken of the future? You can take a photograph of something which is present before the camera. The future is not present before the camera - but the young man dies.

It took thirty years for the orthodox scientists to accept Kirlian, but there was no other way than to accept him. And what Kirlian was saying was only that everything comes out of an invisible emptiness. Where you see emptiness, it simply shows that your insight is not deep enough; otherwise emptiness has a fullness of its own.

He has also proved another thing, which is interesting and has deep implications. If one of my fingers is cut off and he takes a photograph, in his photograph there will be five fingers. Even the one that has been cut off will be present in his photograph, just a little bit different than the others. The others will be solid; this one will simply be an energy aura, indicating that there had been a finger, a physical finger. The physical finger has been cut, but its spiritual part is still there. You cannot cut the spiritual part.

This is what the mystics have been saying for centuries, that you can cut a man’s head, but you cannot cut the man’s soul. They had no Kirlian photographic instruments, but they had a deep insight, a meditative eye.

Alexander threatened one sannyasin that if he did not go with him to Athens he would cut off his head. And he took out his sword, and the naked sannyasin laughed and said, “Do it, don’t hesitate. Never feel guilty - because I am ordering you to do it. I always wanted to see my head falling, and you are giving me a chance. You will see my head being cut from the body, falling on the ground; I will also see it. You cannot cut my consciousness, my witnessing, my watcher.”

This was the only time in Alexander’s life when he put his sword back into his sheath. You cannot kill such a man who is taking it so playfully, and even making you free of guilt: “It is not that you are doing it, I am ordering you. And it is going to be a really interesting experience. I have always wanted to see my head falling, but nobody has come to cut it off. By chance you have come - a God-sent gift. Just don’t put your sword back into the sheath.”

Alexander said, “It’s very difficult to kill such a man, who is not afraid.”

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